Durham man accused of having pounds of pot at apartment in Raleigh’s North Hills

Messiah May
Messiah May CCBI

A Durham man was being held on $5 million bail in Raleigh on Wednesday after police charged him with having over 10 pounds of marijuana in a North Hills apartment.

Messiah May, 34, was arrested at the apartment in the building at 200 Park at North Hills St. shortly after 7 a.m., records showed.

According to the charges, May had the minimum amount of marijuana required for a charge of trafficking, 10 pounds, but the charge said only that the quantity was between that and 49 pounds.

Fifty pounds is the threshold for the next-highest category of trafficking.

May was listed as living on Old Well Street in Durham.

He was charged with maintaining the North Hills apartment as a place to keep and sell drugs.

May’s arrest was one of several recently in which police have seized multiple pounds of marijuana at one time.

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