Orange County

OWASA contains wastewater spill in Chapel Hill

A 10-minute wastewater spill in Chapel Hill resulted in the release of untreated wastewater from a pump station near Providence Road Wednesday morning.

OWASA technicians responded to the overflow at about 7:30 a.m. and had it stopped about 10 minutes later, according to a news release. The spill released about about 18,000 gallons, or about the same amount that can be carried in two semi-tankers.

Officials said a temporary pipe separated at the pump station to cause the spill. The spill occurred in an area that drains into New Hope Creek.

OWASA cleaned the spill area and contained the wastewater in the creek area. They’re also testing creek water in the area downstream of the spill.

The spill was reported to the NC Division of Water Resources, which is reviewing the matter.

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