Orange County

Orange County commissioners extend date to seek lower impact fee

The Orange County Board of Commissioners extended the deadline for developers to seek an exception from this year’s school construction impact fees.

The change was made in response to a developer’s February petition for the Grove Park apartment project in Chapel Hill. The project did not meet the previous deadlines to be grandfathered in under less-expensive 2016 impact fee rates.

The new deadline for residential projects with 90 units or more to meet the requirements is May 15.

Commissioners Chairman Mark Dorosin noted the decision was not in response to state House bills that would eliminate impact fees around the state. One bill – HB406 – targets Orange County’s schools impact fee on new residential development and is thought to be related to the Grove Park project.

“I just want to be clear that our willingness to work with you and develop this was done in advance of those bills being filed,” Dorosin said. “I don’t want anybody to come away with the impression that ... we’re negotiating with a gun to our head or anything else.”

Tammy Grubb: 919-829-8926, @TammyGrubb