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Young professionals network in Hillsborough


The concepts youth and professional are often awkward together.

Yet, in this modern world of business, industry and technology, youth of today are having a strong impact on the youth of business tomorrow.

In Hillsborough, the power of being young and professional is both embraced and celebrated through the Hillsborough Young Professionals Group.

“Something was missing in Hillsborough, that being a way to support young professionals,” says local product and current group president, Matt Roberts. “We needed a way to support the desires and business efforts of our young professionals, ages 21 to 40; their impact is great in this town,” Roberts says.

Coming up on the end of its second year, the Young Professionals Group is on a mission. Armed with local professionals representing businesses ranging from HVAC to technology to financial planning to investing to startups to corporate ladder climbing, the Hillsborough Young Professionasl Group is building a business and growth matrix to support its youngest professional contributors.

“We are really a place where anyone that is interested in growing their career, can come and network and engage and share as a professional,” says Roberts.

“We are really excited about the future opportunities with growth and the growth of business in Hillsborough and feel our group gives young professionals a place to grow,” says the group’s social media director, Amanda Prescott.

The Young Professionals Group participates in community activities and engages in giveback initiatives throughout the year. In April, the group will be participating in an initiative to assist high school students with tips and advice in how to form resumes and participate in interviews.

The initiative will take place on the UNC Healthcare campus in Hillsborough and it is a way that Roberts feels the group directly impacts the youth of tomorrow.

“So much of what we teach and share with each other is how to make each other better. Our vision is that if we can help the future be better prepared for the business and professional world, then it helps us all as a community,” says Roberts.

The Young Professional Group meets monthly and amid a diversity of settings and meeting agendas.

“We have a cornhole tournament fundraiser and we have local speakers come and talk about business and experience and recently we toured Mystery Brewery. All of this gives us a chance to connect with the local business scene and the local business scene a chance to connect with us,” says Prescott.

Roberts credits much of the early success and growth of the group to the Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce and their recognition of the value of supporting young professionals.

“We have grown into something that is recognized for the value we are offering our local professionals and that we are helping carve this town forward with resources available here,” says Roberts.

“Our purpose is to energize and engage and grow. We believe the value of business and valued employees begins with helping young professionals find their way,” says Roberts.

Want to know more?

For more information or to join the Hillsborough Young Professionals Group, visit Facebook/Young Professionals HOCCC or call 919-622-1740. Anyone between the ages of 21 and 40 are eligible. Membership fee is $25 per year for Chamber of Commerce members and $50 per year for non-Chamber members.