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Star David Crosby gives top billing to Durham’s Carolina Theatre

David Crosby attends the 32nd Santa Barbara (Calif.) International Film Festival in this Feb. 2 file photo.
David Crosby attends the 32nd Santa Barbara (Calif.) International Film Festival in this Feb. 2 file photo. Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Veteran guitarist, singer and songwriter David Crosby recently gave The Carolina Theatre his blessing after his Dec. 2 concert at the venue.

On his Twitter feed, Crosby, answering a question about what was his favorite venue during his recent “Sky Trails” tour, replied, “The theater in Durham.” The Carolina Theatre reposted Crosby’s tweet Tuesday on its Facebook page.

“He loved it. He came out on the stage during the sound check and asked when the theater was built,” said Rebecca Newton, president and CEO of the Carolina Theatre.

When theater officials told Crosby the building dated to 1926, he told them, “‘That’s when they knew how to build buildings,’” Newton said. “He loved that physical space,” she said.

After the concert, Crosby’s tour manager “was elated” and said Crosby wanted to perform again at the theater, Newton said.

Crosby and his band played an arrangement of “My Country, ’Tis of Thee,” as well as songs from his extensive repertoire, Newton said. Crosby had “such a connection with the audience, and such a respect from the audience,” she said.

The show lasted about 20 minutes longer than expected, Newton said. Randy Newman and The Mavericks both played almost an hour longer than expected during recent concerts at the venue, she said.

Newton, who took over the CEO post earlier this year, after the theater climbed out of debt, said the audience reaction at recent concerts indicates “the energy is turning around.”

Crosby is one of many songwriters who came out of the 1960s folk revival and was a member of the folk-country-rock band The Byrds, and later part of the trio Crosby, Stills and Nash. He also has recorded as a solo artist.

In addition to being a musician, Crosby is also a master sailor.

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