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What you’re saying: Barry L. Reece, S.K. McIntee

Presidential impulse control

As a member of Veterans for Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War I sense the peace movement faces some very difficult challenges.

The leaders of both of these national organizations view diplomacy as a major strategy for ending current conflicts and preventing future wars. However, diplomacy cannot be effective in a low-trust climate.

Our current president has not learned how to communicate honesty. The New York Times used a full-page to print the lies President Trump has publicly told since taking office. The motivation for these lies seems to be a deep seated insecurity and the need to discredit his critics.

It’s downright scary to realize the commander in chief of the most powerful military force in the world has a problem with impulse control.

Barry L. Reece


Infill and affordability

Regarding Michael Jacobs’ guest column, “Chapel Hill wants affordable housing, but creates an unaffordable town,” (Herald-Sun, July 12)

Higher density infill is the only way to get affordable housing in Chapel Hill. No one is in the position to be able to subsidize enough units without growing upward. The university and hospital are powerful economic engines, but we don’t get tax money from them to compensate for the economic pressures applied to the town.

Density improves by subdividing lots in some neighborhoods, allowing duplexes, triplexes to be built, and building tall buildings along all gateway roads. A quality urban environment is attainable by a higher rate of urban infrastructure renewal.

If you suppress development and limit the tax base, the existing infrastructure ages and decays, and no one has enough equity to fix up their homes. You will know when the density is enough when there is a bus coming by, at least, every five to 10 minutes to meet the demand, and car use declines, with closer destinations, fewer miles to travel for your daily business.

By the way, it is ecologically irresponsible to continue the sprawl pattern The transportation paradigm has to change. Electric vehicles have limited range. Roads are going to become very expensive to build, because we will have to limit diesel. There will always be a variety of housing types in different neighborhoods.

It would be wonderful if Chapel Hill had enough tax base by way of higher density to be able to afford ideal, shaded, walkable, bike-able routes throughout town, like having thicker emerald necklaces along our creeks.

S.K. McIntee

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