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7/7 – What you’re saying: Karen Ziegler, Art Miller

Health care bill ‘shameful’

As a nurse practitioner who worked for many years at the VA in Durham, I learned to have great respect for veterans. Our president and senators talk a lot about their support for veterans, but the Senate “health care” bill would be devastating for veterans.

Many people do not know that of America’s 21 million veterans, only about 8 million get their medical care at the VA. There are 1.75 million veterans in the United States currently on Medicaid, and many veterans ages 45 to 64 have subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. It is estimated that of the veterans in North Carolina, 27,000 would lose their health care coverage.

And why would America treat its veterans so shamefully? So that people who already have millions of dollars a year in income can get tax cuts? Sen. Tillis and Sen. Burr are selling out their constituents in general, and veterans and their families in particular, if they do not speak out forcefully against this shameful bill.

Karen Ziegler, RN, FNP


Flag deserves honor

Regarding Paul Isom’s guest column, “No reason for schools to delay banning symbol of lost ‘cause’” (THS, July 2)

The Confederate flag is an American flag carried by American soldiers and deserves no less honor than any other American flag.

Further, the judging of past generations with present day standards is merely foolish.

Art Miller

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