Durham County

‘Lunch Angels’ pay off overdue lunch accounts

The “Lunch Angels” paid off more than $1,000 worth of overdue lunch accounts this week at three Durham elementary schools.

The organization, started by Kyle Newman and Walt Winfrey of Craig Motor Co. and Erik Neill, chief instructor and owner of Neill’s Taekwondo and Fitness, cleared overdue accounts at Forest View, Creekside and Parkwood elementary schools.

“No one wants to see a kid struggle to learn and be hungry at the same time,” Newman said in an interview Friday.

The “Lunch Angels” have come to the aid of Durham children on numerous occassions in recent years.

Newman also noted that the “Lunch Angels” has expanded to Georiga and formed a partnership with Land O’ Lakes.

He said the organization also has plans to expand into California and South Carolina.

The creators of “Lunch Angels” were inspired by the story of a Texas man who launched a similar program.

Greg Childress: 919-419-6645, @gchild6645