Durham County

Duke Energy Foundation aids StepUp Durham

Duke Energy Foundation has awarded StepUp Durham $7,500 to support 100 Durham residents with employment training and placement.

StepUp Durham opened in 2015 and partners with adults seeking to transform their lives through employment and life skills training. StepUp Durham offers low to moderate income individuals a 32-hour workshop that teaches the skills needed to find and sustain employment, as well as employment counseling, job referrals and post-employment support. StepUp's programs are designed for individuals with challenges to finding employment, such as a criminal background or gaps in employment history.

The funding from Duke Energy Foundation is part of the organization’s support of initiatives that spans the kindergarten to career spectrum.

“Duke Energy’s focus on kindergarten to career shows their holistic investment in the community,” Syretta Hill, executive director of StepUp Durham, said in a release. “We are excited to partner with Duke Energy on the health and wellness of our Durham families.”