Durham County

Vehicle chase ends in death

A suspect fleeing law enforcement in a vehicle crashed and suspect died Monday afternoon.

“Our hearts are heavy for the loss of life today in this tragic police chase,” said Roxboro Police chief David Hess.

Officers with the Roxboro Police Department were conducting a traffic-safety checkpoint in the area of Foushee Street and Garret Street when they observed a greyish vehicle make an illegal U-Turn approximately 500 yards from the checkpoint, Hess said.

A supervisor gave other city police officers radioed a “Be on the Lookout” [“BOLO”] call for the greyish vehicle, Hess said, Roxboro Police officers never pursued the vehicle. The BOLO was given out as a standard procedure.

A brief attempt to locate the vehicle with “non-emergency response” methods failed.

Roxboro officers were unaware the vehicle was allegedly stolen because of the distance between where the checkpoint was and where the vehicle turned around, Hess said.

Person County Sheriff's Office deputies pursued the fleeing vehicle before it crashed.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and deputies involved in this horrific tragedy. Anytime someone chooses to flee danger increases,” Hess said. “Simply complying with traffic laws may have allowed this incident not to occur. This is a tragic loss of life.”

The Person County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the motives prompting the suspect’s flight, the crash and the death.

Colin Warren-Hicks: 919-419-6636, @CWarrenHicks