Chatham County

Inmate conspired to knock-off his wife on the outside. What could possibly have gone wrong?

A woman clutches a chain link fence.
A woman clutches a chain link fence.

In August, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation into some rather unsavory allegations leveled against Mark Lavandowski.

It was alleged that Lavandowski, 51, an inmate already within the Chatham County jail for violating a domestic violence order, had conspired to post the bond of a fellow inmate if in return that fellow inmate agreed to murder Lavandowski's wife once on the outside.

The Sheriff's Office investigation led to charges.

And now, Lavandowski stands accused of attempting to hire a fellow inmate to murder his wife.

A Grand Jury indicted Lavandowski on felony charges of solicitation of first degree murder and attempted obstruction of justice on Monday.

He was assigned a $2.5 million secured bond relating to the new charges and is scheduled to appear in Chatham County District Court in Pittsboro on Nov. 6.

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