Police believe man might have been fed to hogs in case linked to drugs and gangs

Law enforcement suspects two homicides, including one in which a man might have been fed to hogs, are tied to drugs and gang activity.

A recently released search warrant from Durham police provides more insight into the kidnapping of Charleston Goodman, 26. Witnesses say Goodman was forced into a light-colored Honda Odyssey minivan on Jan. 28.

Goodman’s mother told officers that her son was heading to the store in his blue BMW when she heard him yell, “Momma help.”

“Charleston yelled for help multiple times from outside of their apartment from the direction of his parked BMW” around 6:22 p.m., a search warrant says. His mother saw the van leaving.

Other witnesses said they saw four men fighting with Goodman, and then forcing him into the van.

Another source told police that Goodman had been killed, and a confidential informant said Goodman’s body is believed to have been fed to hogs, according to the warrant.

Police learned that Goodman had been a middleman in the local drug trade.

Goodman and a drug dealer had a falling out over money, according to police, and Goodman had broken into the man’s apartment and stole two bricks of cocaine.

Surveillance video seen by the man showed Goodman breaking into the apartment and putting the bricks down his pants, the warrant states.

In response, the “word on the street” is that the man had Goodman kidnapped, the informant told law enforcement.

One of the men identified in the warrant as being present for Goodman’s kidnapping and a second man who was mentioned in the investigation were also named as people of interest in search warrants seeking more information about the fatal shooting of James Docher, 35, of Durham.

Deputies with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office responded Nov. 16, 2017, to a shooting call at 4:30 a.m. at the intersection of Denver Avenue and Hoyle Street.

Deputies found Docher in a vehicle with a gunshot wound to the head. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

Search warrants in that case say Docher was a known drug dealer and described two of the people mentioned in the Goodman case as close associates, pointing to social media posts.

In February, one of the men was charged with drugs and weapons charges following a search of his apartment.

According to federal court documents, a special agent with the FBI testified at the man’s hearing that an ongoing investigation into gang activities of the Eight Trey Gangster Crips led to the arrest of the man, an active member of the organization.

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