Time-Out wants to share its famous chicken and biscuits for a fee

Chapel Hill restaurant Time-Out’s chicken n’ cheddar biscuits have earned national acclaim in recent years thanks to appearances on cable television shows such as “Man vs. Food” — but until now the only way for fans to purchase its food was to travel to Chapel Hill.

That could soon change, though, as the restaurant has recently decided to make its signature food items available to other restaurants through licensing agreements, which would let other businesses serve and market Time-Out’s famous food items for a fee.

“I’ve always said it’s a shame that there aren’t more places serving [Time-Out’s] chicken n’ cheddar biscuit,” said Ira Green, food service director at Time-Out. He noted that out-of-town interest has grown since the restaurant appeared on television and said a licensing agreement could be a way to capitalize on its notoriety.

The move could eventually lead to the restaurant franchising other locations.

“Instead of choosing to franchise, this is going to be like a test,” he said.

To be able to use the Time-Out brand and recipe, restaurants will need to pay a one-time $18,000 fee, a small royalty for every item sold and participate in training in Chapel Hill. Mom-and-pop restaurants in other parts of North Carolina will be the target audience for the agreements, Green said.

Time-Out is located at 201 E. Franklin St., a space it moved into almost three years ago after its former space was purchased for the Carolina Square development. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day and also has a mobile food truck.

Zachery Eanes: 919-419-6684, @zeanes