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Brussels sprouts and Republicans get a bum rap

Cast-iron blistered Brussels sprouts are drizzled with a sauce made with honey, garlic, soy sauce and dried crushed red peppers.
Cast-iron blistered Brussels sprouts are drizzled with a sauce made with honey, garlic, soy sauce and dried crushed red peppers. Tribune

Brussels sprouts, GOP get bum rap

Throughout my childhood, I hated brussels sprouts. I never tasted them, but every time this vegetable was mentioned, it was in a negative light. TV showed kids gagging and refusing this Vitamin C-packed vegetable. Naturally, thought brussels sprouts were the worst vegetable created.

It wasn’t until I was 33 years old when a friend came to dinner with a side of Brussels sprouts. They were fresh, sauteed with balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Reluctantly, I tasted them expecting the worst. I was shocked. They were amazing! I asked, “Why was there such a bad rap on this food?” Wisely she responded, “I guess they didn’t know how to make them.”

I feel like the notion of ideological conservatism is identical. Routinely, Republicans are shown in a negative light — bigots, racists, homophobes, etc. We’re accused about it on TV, modern education insinuates it, and the media highlights any hint of it within the GOP. Why in the world would any ever consider “eating that”’?

But then I learned. I tasted true conservatism from authors like Thomas Sowell, Frederick Douglass, and Booker T. Washington. These black men masterfully communicated this political ideology tastefully, and I fell in love with it.

By the way, I later tasted frozen and canned Brussels sprouts. They’re gross. I’ll stick with my friend’s recipe. Conservatism is good for society. When offered correctly, it tastes great too. Try it. The Durham GOP will share this yummy recipe.

Immanuel Jarvis

Chairman, Durham GOP

Stand with trans people

Nov. 20 will mark the 20th Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is a day that is not very familiar to most North Carolinians, and even many within the Triangle. However, it is a day trans people remember the lives lost in the previous year, and then commit to fighting for more legal protections and equality across the country and the world.

This year it is particularly important that the residents of Durham and North Carolina take heed of the situation facing their trans neighbors. Here in North Carolina, over 77 percent of trans workers have been harassed and discriminated on the clock. Even more, trans students in grades K-12 have seen an alarming rise in harassment (88 percent) and physical harm (28 percent).

Those of us in the trans community are pleading for your help. Our state government still denies our existence, and denies us equal protection under the law, and our schools are not safe for trans and non-binary children. We must do better, we must protect and value each other.

My fellow Durhamites, please speak up for me and alongside me. Please get to know me and your other trans neighbors and help us make the Trans Day of Remembrance a day to celebrate, not to mourn.

Shana Carroll


Getting serious on climate change

Climate change is on everyone’s mind. (“From ‘no’ to a ‘reality’: NC Republicans adopt different posture on climate change”) It’s really good to see that more people now realize something serious has to be done.

The article referred to whose website says “conservatives should lead on climate.” I see a chance here for us all to abandon partisan fighting and instead to make progress together.

I recently joined the Raleigh/Durham chapter of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, which is a nonpartisan national organization promoting the idea of Carbon Fee and Dividend. This proposal would reduce carbon emissions by increasing the cost of carbon-based fuels at the pump, mine, and port. The money collected would be directly returned to the American people to make up for the rise in the cost of goods that still rely on those fuels. Changing the prices creates a strong incentive for corporations and the public to do things in a sustainable manner.

The good news is that many Republicans and Democrats are now saying similar things. I urge everyone to learn more about the carbon fee proposals and encourage our elected officials to get on board.

Daniel Oldman


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