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Panthers Tracks: Kyle Allen or Teddy Bridgewater? Ikea tip for parents who hate Ikea

A friendly reminder to the New Orleans Saints: You aren’t supposed to be doing this.

Drew Brees broke his thumb in Week 2. That was supposed to mean the NFC South was wide open. The Panthers, Bucs and Falcons all have a fighting chance now that the NFL’s junior ageless wonder can’t even pick up a football. Right?

Not even close.

Thanks, Teddy.

All New Orleans has done in the four games since Brees got hurt is win every one with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. Seattle, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville; Bridgewater — who hadn’t been a starter since 2015 — has ruled them all. As Charlotte has grown fond of its backup quarterback at least keeping Carolina in the hunt for the South’s crown, Bridgewater and the Saints remain one step ahead in the standings.

With understudies starring at QB for the South’s two best teams, my question to you is: Based on their performances this season, who would you rather have under center? Bridgewater, or the Panthers’ Kyle Allen?

A quick look at how the two undefeated quarterbacks have performed (note that both has faced Tampa Bay and Jacksonville once):

Kyle Allen: 901 yards | 7 TD | 0 INT | 106.6 Rtg | 65.6 Cmp %

Teddy Bridgewater: 1,089 yards | 7 TD | 2 INT | 98.4 Rtg | 69.4 Cmp %

As the Saints and Panthers creep closer to getting their franchise quarterbacks back (Brees is reportedly eyeing a Week 8 return), I’m curious to see whether Allen or Bridgewater slips up first. It’s a shame we have to wait until Nov. 24 (Week 12) before these two teams play. The main difference between the two is how many times they’ve fumbled. Bridgewater has put the ball on the turf once, but didn’t turn it over. Allen has fumbled six times and lost four of them. (But none Sunday. Hooray! Progress!)

— Matt L. Stephens

Sunday’s quick highlights

Panthers 37, Buccaneers 26

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Next up: Bye week Nov. 20, at San Francisco (5-0) on Nov. 27.

Ikea tip for parents who hate going to Ikea

My wife loves going to Ikea. I hate shopping carts that lack front-locking wheels — they’re sadistic.

And my daughter likes to be loud. Like really loud. But she’s not supposed to be loud while we’re shopping, because “inside voice, Tyler.” But I realized recently there’s beauty in letting a 2-year-old scream at the top of her lungs when you’re shopping for DIY furniture: It’s a ticket to freedom.

As I was fighting the drift of a shopping cart that apparently was practicing for the Roval 400’s chicanes, and my wife wandered off to look at lamps and rugs, I decided to start telling my daughter to scream.

“No, really scream. Loud.”

I don’t care how many people stared at us, the scene she created outside of the 376-square foot apartment demo gave us enough pep in our step to make it to the warehouse, buy that dresser and go home.

Does this make me a bad parent? Perhaps.

Does this make me a bad husband? For the purposes of this story, oh, absolutely yes.

But you better believe I’ve added this card to my playbook, and I encourage any parent out there to do the same if they want to cut a shopping trip with family short.

— Matt L. Stephens

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