They moved to Durham as Kentucky fans. Now their house is famous thanks to Duke basketball

While David and Laura Ades enjoyed lunch at Pompieri Pizza on Tuesday, their home and driveway hoop became part of Duke basketball lore.

Unbeknownst to the Ades, Duke basketball players Trevon Duval and Grayson Allen drove up to their house and executed a #DriveByDunkChallenge in their driveway. Allen threw a basketball through a car’s sunroof to Duval, who slammed it home on the Ades’ hoop, while an unknown party recorded the whole thing.

That’s going to be tough for David and Laura to live down back in their former home state of Kentucky, where all their relatives and friends who are Wildcats fans are known for their hatred of the Blue Devils.

As the viral video clip made its way around social media Tuesday, David started hearing from neighbors and friends who recognized the house in Durham’s American Village neighborhood, three miles from Duke’s campus.

“I was cracking up when my across-the-street neighborhood said ‘Your house is famous,’” said David, a budget analyst with Durham County government who went to high school in Lexington, Ky. and college at Penn.

The Ades moved to Durham from Kentucky six years ago. They’ve grown to appreciate Duke’s basketball team since coach Mike Krzyzewski’s daughter, Lindy Frasher, used to live in their neighborhood.

“We are now hybrid fans,” said Laura, a Title I reading teacher at Durham’s Voyager Academy.

Laura is a Michigan grad, and has a cousin who graduated from Duke and is an avid Blue Devils fan. That cousin even visited the Ades’ now-famous house when he was in town for a Duke basketball game.

David and Laura’s son, Jonah, is away at a summer sports camp this week, and has no idea how famous his house has become.

But his parents are certain he’ll be thrilled. Even before Allen and Duval dropped by for their dunk, the Ades had acquired an autographed poster of last season’s Duke team. It’s framed in Jonah’s room.

“He will be ecstatic when we tell him,” Laura said.

As for their home being, well, visited by strangers while they were away, the Ades are mostly cool with it.

“We have absolutely no problem whatsoever,” David Ades said, before joking, “I only wish they would have stopped and pulled some weeds and done some of the other things that need done.”

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