Playing for the weekend

Steve Thompson, left, Bill Bambic, Blake McSherry and Mike Smith take their turns hitting during the Herald-Sun Golf Classic on June 23, 2017, in Durham, N.C.
Steve Thompson, left, Bill Bambic, Blake McSherry and Mike Smith take their turns hitting during the Herald-Sun Golf Classic on June 23, 2017, in Durham, N.C.

As the weekend arrives, things got interesting at Hillandale Golf Course.

The field narrowed as winners advanced to the weekend after day two of match play at The Herald-Sun Golf Classic. In the Senior Championship Flight, top-seeded Dink Andrews, who had a bye on Thursday, was defeated by Cecil Lockley, 4-3. Lockley will pair against Wayne Bridges on day three with a 8:10 a.m. tee time. Bridges defeated Dante Bernini, 6-4, Thursday afternoon. Joe Gucker, top seed in the Senior Presidents Flight, also received a bye on Thursday and defeated Paul Harris on Friday. There was very little drama in the Senior and President’s Flight’s — other than Lockley knocking off the top-seeded Andrews — as all the higher seeded players took care of business.

The Third Flight, however, was not without drama coming down the stretch. No. 1 seed Jason Chambers and Dennis Perry went to 20 holes before Chambers came away with the win, going one up on Perry. Chambers was three down with four holes to play before rallying. Chambers won 15, 17 and 18 to force the playoff.

“I had to make a put, about a five-and-a-half-foot putt on 18 to force the playoff,” Chambers said.

Chambers won it with a par on No. 2.

“Dennis Perry was a tough opponent,” Chambers said. “We had a great time.”

Jason Chamber’s match was the complete opposite of his dad’s, Gary, who defeated Michael Kincaid, who conceded after nine holes. The elder Chambers won eight of the nine holes, and with the rest of the afternoon free, he decided to go and root for Jason on the back nine.

“I got more out of that, watching him win, than I got out of my match,” Gary said. “It was exciting.”

What will make things extra exciting in the Chamber’s family? If both Gary and Jason win on Day 3, they will play each other for the Third Flight Championship on Sunday. Not to look ahead because there is still work to be done. Jason will take on Sam Sorrell next, while Gary will battle Brian Stewart. The father and son duo will share a cart in the third round, but will focus on their opponents and not a family reunion for it all on the final day.

The Chambers have been playing in The Herald-Sun Classic for 13 years, but have never faced each other head-to-head.

“We’ve had a couple of chances,”Gary said, “but one of us would always lose.”

In the First Flight, top seed Bobby Selmer defeated Jason Warren, 5-4, and will take on Adrian Fagerberg in the next round. Winning on the first day as the top seed, Selmer said, helped ease the pressure coming into the second day.

“I almost feel a little more relaxed,” Selmer said. “Even if you lose a hole you know you have seven more, or whatever hole you’re on.”

Another intriguing matchup from day two was the Championship Flight showdown between Melvin Barnes and Wayne Jordan. Barnes, the top seed, and Jordan played 19 holes, with Barnes coming away with the win. He will face Bill Bambic on day three, one round away from championship play. Business picks up on the weekend for all players involved, as the golfers get one step closer to winning it all.

“The pressure mounts a little bit,” Jason Chambers said. “But it’s fun. I’m just blessed to be out here.”

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Herald-Sun Golf Classic

In Durham

Hillandale GC

Friday’s Match Play Results

Championship Flight

Scott Campbell d. Justin Finger, 3 & 2

Ronnie Williams Jr. d. Toby Ivey Jr., 7 & 5

Bill Bambic d. Michael Smith, 2 & 1

Melvin Barnes d. Wayne Jordan, 19 holes

Today’s Matches

Scott Campbell vs. Ronnie Williams Jr., 8:50 am.

Bill Bambic vs. Melvin Barnes, 9:00

Presidents Flight

Matt Roberts d. Munyaradzi Bvumbe, 3 & 2

Wayne Johnson d. Jeffrey Parker Jr., 4 & 3

Blake McSherry d. Steve Thompson, 3 & 1

Cole Scearce d. Drew Harward, 2 up

Today’s Matches

Matt Roberts vs. Wayne Johnson, 8:50 a.m.

Blake McSherry vs. Cole Scearce, 9:00

First Flight

Ronald Briggs d. David Perry, 1 up

B.J. Nowak d. Phillip Ray, 1 up

Adrian Fagerberg d. Keith Johnson, 7 & 5

Bobby Semler d. Jason Warren, 5 & 4

Today’s Matches

Ronald Briggs vs. B.J. Nowak, 8:30 a.m.

Adrian Fagerberg vs. Bobby Semler, 8:40

Second Flight

Ben Thomas d. Charles Thompson 3 & 2

Paul Jones d. Tom Alicardi Sr., 1 up

John Pittman d. Doug Baker, 5 & 4

Corey Wilson d. Jimmy Davis, 7 & 6

Today’s Matches

Ben Thomas vs. Paul Jones, 8:30 a.m.

John Pittman vs. Corey Wilson, 8:40

Third Flight

Brian Stewart d. Herschel Stephenson, 4 & 3

Gary Chambers d. Michael Kincaid, walkover

Jason Chambers d. Dennis Perry, 20 holes

Sam Sorrell d. Steve Alford, 2 & 1

Today’s Matches

Brian Stewart vs. Gary Chambers, 8:20 a.m.

Jason Chambers vs. Sam Sorrell, 8:20

Senior Championship Flight

Johnny Adams d. Chris Filiaci, 1 up

Lea Couch d. Jim Pearce, walkover

Wayne Bridges d. Dante Berini, 6 & 4

Cecil Lockley d. Dink Andrews, 4 &3

Today’s Matches

Lea Couch vs. Johnny Adams, 8 a.m.

Wayne Bridges vs. Cecil Lockley, 8:10

Senior Presidents Flight

Danny Bailey d. Bruce Eckard, 2 & 1

Fred Avila d. Mike Sterner, 5 & 4

Louis Herndon d. Michael Conway, 3 & 2

Joe Gucker d. Paul Harris, 3 & 2

Today’s Matches

Danny Bailey vs. Fred Avila, 8 a.m.

Louis Herndon vs. Joe Gucker, 8:10