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By Kathleen Parker (McClatchy Support)

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Brackets, brackets, brackets. Let’s talk brackets, Bull City edition.

North, South, East, West. Let’s round up a few places in each direction, geographically.

Old North Durham (no longer North, more like a long walk to downtown at this point). Northgate Mall (accurate locator name). Northern High School (is indeed in the North). North Gregson Street (bracket-writer’s privilege: it’s the street The Herald-Sun is on.)

The Streets at Southpoint (is South, but a mall not streets). South Square (once a mall, now anchored by Target, whose logo is not square). Southern High School (actually in the East, and has a much longer name.)

East Main Street (directional area of downtown, you know what I’m referring to). East End Connector (the Durham Freeway and Interstate 85 joiner road under construction that will probably be renamed, since the freeway was once the East-West Expressway). Northeast Central Durham (an area incredibly specific. Southern High is in the East, so East can take Northeast Central).

Old West Durham (technically correct, like Old North Durham). West Main Street. West End (solid area name that’s also walking distance to downtown).

So who are our teams in each bracket corner? Duke University is West Durham. N.C. Central University is, well it’s centrally located, isn’t it. Durham Technical Community College is due East of NCCU, so we’ll go with East. Should we delve into high schools? We already know that Southern was once in the South but is now in the East. Hillside moved. Northern will be Northern for good, probably.

Shall we go with restaurants then? East Durham Pie Company is pretty clear divisionally. West End Wine Bar is on West Main Street, but not in the West End area. And then there’s West Village, which isn’t a village but is off West Main Street.

This bracket is a mess. Durham is full of roads that aren’t on grids and areas and neighborhoods that change areas without moving. Ah, Durham, where you just follow your nose wherever you go. It’s easier to just learn to navigate over time than over a name. Or a bracket. When I first started at the newspaper, we were located over in Southwest Durham, across from South Square, but not near Southpoint. Now we’re across from Northgate, but not in Old North Durham, and quite south from Northern Durham, and just two miles from downtown.

A Bull City bracket could only be determined by topic, not geography.