Hello, And who was behind that thought process?

Meister said the idea for the model office came from a DMV committee’s brainstorming session about ways to accommodate more people who wanted Real IDs. “This had nothing to do with the governor’s office,” she said, adding that the training room itself has been around since 1996.


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"As hundreds of North Carolinians face long lines at DMV offices around the state, Governor Cooper created a secret DMV office just for his friends."
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

“This was DMV employees just talking about how can we get people signed up to get their Real IDs,” she said.

We found no other evidence to suggest Cooper was directly behind the office’s creation, even though some workers from his office took advantage of the setup. At the same time, however, Jessup and the DMV are overseen by Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon, who is a member of Cooper’s cabinet.

“Cooper is responsible for his employees’ actions,” said Hauser.

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