Letters to the Editor

10/13 Letters: Ocracoke residents denied FEMA aid should remember that decision come 2020

FEMA aid to NC

Regarding “FEMA denies Dorian individual assistance in 4 NC counties,” (Oct. 9):

Citizens of Ocracoke who lost homes in Hurricane Dorian, please be reminded that just a few short weeks ago the Trump administration siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars from several agencies, including FEMA, to reinforce “border security” — that is, the wall and the detention of families seeking asylum.

Please remember in November 2020 that since this administration has left you with limited options for your future, you can limit Trump’s option for re-election to zero.

Kathleen Kalinowski, Cary

No to Democrats

Regarding “Willful Ignorance,” (Oct. 8 Forum):

With candidates like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, I don’t think the Republicans will need the Oct. 8 Forum writer’s vote for a win again in 2020. So will the Democrats get over the 2016 loss and do what you were sent to Congress to do and stop all the crying.

I once was a Democrat but switched parties before the last election. Now I am ashamed to admit I was ever a Democrat.

Alvin Bolick, Hillsborough

Let Congress work

I am an unaffiliated voter who knows the difference between right and wrong. So I am amazed at too many of my fellow Americans who seem not to grasp the severity of the present allegations against the president.

I would have thought every American would disapprove of a U.S. president actually soliciting foreign participation in our elections.

Many more stones remain to be turned, but we now know enough that we can all agree further investigation is needed.

So let us stand in support of the U.S. Congress as it fulfills its proper Constitutional oversight responsibilities — and speak out against the actions of this administration to impede Congress in this work. The rule of law is at stake.

Jim Witeck, Apex

US infighting

Today’s politics is not the normal back and forth with parties vying for power. The seemingly powerless Democrats and spineless Republicans seem unable to control the forceful shift towards lawless autocratic rule.

If we’ve ever learned from history, the fall of powerful empires is often preceded by uncontrolled infighting where a strongman takes control to “save” the people.

Often the ensuing power struggles leads to civil wars. More often than not the country is so weakened that external enemies take advantage of the disunity, swoop in, and destroy the once unbeatable nation. No self-centered political, financial or social cause is worth the demise of our nation. We all must put our differences aside, act with maturity, and regain control of ourselves and our less worthy passions.

Bill Krupp, Raleigh

Gun rights

Regarding “The gun lobby and the North Carolina legislature: How much money, how much influence?” (Oct. 10):

Grass Roots North Carolina is a grassroots movement.

This article says GRNC “has donated much smaller amounts to state lawmakers” than the NRA, without saying why: With rare exceptions, we don’t throw money at politicians who often “re-gift” to anti-gun candidates. Instead, we conduct “independent expenditures” wherein volunteers generate millions of emails, voter guides, postcards, robocalls, social media ads, even radio advertising, all to empower gun-owning voters.

These volunteers have prevailed in dozens of state and federal races. Ironically, media which malign the NRA for funding candidates simultaneously disdain volunteers who win by doing exactly the opposite.

F. Paul Valone, Raleigh

President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Voter turnout

Raleigh is one of the top five places to live, work, play, retire, and more on many desirable “Best of Cities” lists. We have a mayoral and city council election and 13 percent of the registered voters exercise their right to vote? My take: 13 percent vote; 100 percent complain.

Violet Barwick Rhinehart, Raleigh

Nightmare cyclists

My wife was leaving Weaver Street Market last Sunday and was nearly run down by five or six bicyclists speeding around the corner from Churton Street while she was in the pedestrian crosswalk.

In-town bicycle riding has become a pedestrian’s nightmare, as it has been for vehicles on the country roads for quite some time.

When is law enforcement going to crack down on the total disregard by the cyclists?

They don’t have license plates to be able to identify them. They continually ride three, four, five, even six abreast. Standard driving laws are not obeyed.

Cyclists should either obey the traffic laws in town and on country roads or be banned from riding.

Mike Hamilton, Hurdle Mills

NBA actions

How dare the NBA lick the boots of a foreign country. We have freedom of speech in this country, which the Chinese people do not have and the NBA is giving up that right on behalf of Daryl Morey. All for money. Disgraceful.

Marion Boissiere, Raleigh