Letters to the Editor

9/22 Letters: Politicians, local and national, are ignoring the urgency to act on climate change

Act with urgency

In response to “What’s behind the youth movement to tackle climate change? Fear – but also hope” (Sept. 19):

Kudos to the young people struggling to tackle a problem my generation has willfully ignored.

But as they say, they can not tackle this problem alone. It is incumbent upon us to help them.

In our own backyard I see our local Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority making a shortsighted land use decision for a piece of our public land they no longer need, while many of our local politicians sit and do nothing to stop it.

At the national level I see our senators and many N.C. representatives ignoring the bipartisan climate caucus. Right now they could advance the Carbon Dividend Act in Congress, a mighty first step. I urge our politicians to act now, and I urge my fellow citizens to get involved in fighting for our children and the planet we leave for them.

Irene Rusnak, Apex

My dismay over EPA

The EPA and its many dedicated employees have a proud history of protecting our fragile environment and having their mission supported by both Democratic and Republican administrations.

I watch with dismay as the current administration rolls back those protections in craven obedience to moneyed special interests and vote-seeking politicians.

Since relief from environmental regulation is now for sale by our representatives, it is, sadly, time to rename the EPA to reflect both the betrayal it has suffered and its new politically-driven mission.

I humbly suggest “The Environmental Prostitution Agency.”

Tom Clemmer, Raleigh

Polls are just noise

The 2020 presidential polls being discussed in the media are nonsense.

Not only is it too early to judge, the pollsters got it wrong last time. So why should we believe them this time?

People often are not truthful in polls because they are embarrassed, or respond to peer pressure, or do not want to be judged. There is no incentive to be truthful.

So discussion of who’s up or who’s down at this point is just noise.

Terry A. Henderson, Raleigh

War? Cool your jets

I see many of the usual suspects in the Republican Party are, once again, beating the drums of war. This time they want to go to war with Iran.

In light of all this new war hysteria, I have a modest suggestion: Let’s round up all those folks who actually want a war, give them each a M-16 and ship them off to whatever country they feel like fighting.

They’re always quick to sit back in comfort and send off other people to fight. I expect that having to do the deed themselves might just cool their tempers a bit.

Eric Thomas, Durham

Oil loss vs. lives

Since U.S. drone attacks began in the Middle East during the Bush administration, those attacks have killed hundreds of civilians who happened to be near intended targets.

In 1990, the dispute between Iraq and Kuwait over oil cried out for a diplomatic solution. Instead, a war was begun and has never ended.

At that time a common slogan in opposition to the war was “No Blood for Oil.” Now that the oil supply, instead of people, has been attacked we see that the ruling elites are still much more concerned about oil loss than human loss.

Joe Burton, Raleigh

Evangelical vote

Can there be a more egregious example of spiritual blindness than President Trump’s suggestions that he considers himself a good Christian? There is no need to recount the ways he is not.

Yet, much of his support is from evangelical Christians who champion Jesus as their moral guide but have chosen to overlook Trump’s character deficiencies and cruel policies in the narrow interest of placing judges on the federal courts to overturn Roe v. Wade. Republicans have obliged them.

The question remains whether the evangelicals have compromised their public witness by their enthusiastic support of the Republican agenda headed by Trump.

John D. Divers, Raleigh

No more dishonesty

I do not agree that Democrat and Republican representatives must be present every minute the legislature is in session. There are good reasons they may be elsewhere.

However, it is absolutely required that the speaker make sure no vote is ever held without prior, timely and accurate notification of both parties.

That was not done. Instead, Republicans misled the Democrats into thinking a vote wouldn’t happen. This was clear dishonesty and treachery.

We elect our representatives to work together honestly, professionally and cordially - without pulling dirty tricks on each other.

Rod Gerwe, Durham

Community Voices: N.C. hurricanes

At the N&O’s next Community Voices forum meteorologist Greg Fishel and environmental experts will discuss how climate change is affecting hurricanes in North Carolina. Come to the forum at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25 at the N.C. Museum of History. It’s free, but register in advance at eventbrite.com.