Letters to the Editor

9/20 Letters: Say ‘no’ to war. Graham and Pompeo should tell the Saudis we’ll sit this one out.

Say ‘no’ to Saudis

In regards to the bombing of oil fields in Saudi Arabia, I keep hearing the drumbeat to go to war.

The usual suspects, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, say it’s a sign of weakness to not attack Iran.

My answer to the war hawks like Graham and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is for them to call up the Saudis and tell them if they want a war, go for it. We’ll sit this one out.

Michael Eisenberg, Raleigh

Ad brought tears

Regarding “Back-to-school shopping meets mass shootings in harrowing video from Sandy Hook group,” (Sept. 18)

I saw the new ad today.

I’m a Purple Heart infantry (European Theater of Operations) veteran, 93 years old. I had to fight back tears when I saw the kid hiding from the shooter in the bathroom stall and messaging her mother on her smartphone.

It is so unfair to give these kids, so young, the trauma I got in combat.

Background checks must be implemented and rapid-fire weapons must be controlled.

Herbert Reichlin, Raleigh

Disingenuous GOP

Regarding “New maps would still give GOP disproportionate power in NC legislature, analysts say,” (Sept. 18):.

N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger says the “true goal” of Democrats “is a Democratic judicial gerrymander that ensures a Democratic majority. It’s not about fair maps, and never has been.”

Sure, that must be why when 50 percent of voters vote for Democrats, Republicans get large majorities in the state legislature and the House.

As usual, Republicans charge the Democrats with doing the clearly unethical things that Republicans themselves continually do.

I don’t know what Berger sees when he looks in a mirror. Pathetic.

Sam Wilen, Durham

A ruined GOP

I believe the N.C. Republican Party has been hijacked by The Four – N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore, Rep. David Lewis, Senate leader Phil Berger and U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis.

Dirty tricks and winning by cheating need to stop.

In the general election, I will vote in a way I have never voted before. Whoever the ultra-liberal, somewhat wacky Democrat is, that’s who I’ll vote for. Then, I will vote for Donald Trump and have a clear conscience.

The Four have ruined our Republican Party.

William Bowling, Durham

Duke SGA got it right

Regarding “Duke won’t recognize Young Life as a student organization because of its LGBTQ policy” (Sept. 19)

Duke University’s student government got it right.

The Young Life Christian organization is discriminatory.

The group says its policy doesn’t exclude people who “practice a homosexual lifestyle.” Everyone knows that phrase is not only very out-of-date, but is code for “you are sinners and need to be converted” to the heterosexual lifestyle.

We homosexuals do not “practice a lifestyle”; we live our lives as we know it.

Young Life gushingly states that LGBTQs can join, but not be a member of the staff — those who obviously have are already converted to Young Life’s beliefs.

Did they really think Duke students in 2019 would fall for their double-talk?

Paul J. Wakeford, Durham

No to Kaepernick

Regarding “The case for Colin Kaepernick in Charlotte,” (Sept. 17 Editorial):

Your contention that bringing a divisive, polarizing, quarterback who hasn’t played in two years to the Panthers would be beneficial is laughable.

Colin Kaepernick is only an option for those who don’t understand the negative impact he would have on the organization.

Irritating 50 percent or more of your fan base hoping that a radical looking for a platform who only pretends to want to play will be the Panther’s QB savior is something only clueless observers believe. Certainly not smart owners.

David S. Heesacker, Chapel Hill

Be like UVA coach

It was reported this week that University of Virginia Coach Tony Bennett declined a raise from the university and asked that the funds be given to his staff and put toward program improvement. (Sept. 16) Then, he and his wife donated $500,000 to the university for a career-development program for players.

What a class act for other over-paid coaches and athletes to follow!

Roy Brock, Chapel Hill

Hunting and AR-15s

Regarding “An AR-15 to hunt?” (Sept. 13 Forum):

To answer this Forum writer’s question as to what people hunt with an AR-15, feral hogs, jackrabbits, coyotes, many other varmints and predators. Although they are somewhat under-powered for it, some people deer hunt with them.

More than 25 percent of hunters nationwide say they have hunted with an AR-15.

William Jones, Durham