Letters to the Editor

9/17 Letters: Stop treating female inmates in NC like prisoners in ‘Cool Hand Luke’

AC for all inmates

Regarding Ned Barnett “How bad are conditions at an NC women’s prison? A service group stopped bringing its dogs” (Sept. 15 Opinion):

Ned Barnett’s commentary about female inmates at N.C Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh sweltering without air conditioning congers up images of the prison camp living conditions in the 1960s movie “Cool Hand Luke.”.

Conditions like that would be considered inhumane in this day and age, but apparently it continues here in North Carolina.

How about applying the state’s $896 million budget surplus to the women’s correctional facilities and leave images like those from “Cool Hand Luke” to film only?

Donald Trull, Sanford

Unequal treatment

Ned Barnett states that male prisoners are not subjected to such conditions (no air conditioning), not at Central Prison or Wake Correctional Center.

If women controlled the N.C. legislature, would this problem have been allowed to continue?

Please, in the name of humanity, provide air conditioning in female inmates’ cells.

If this cannot be done, I urge that male and female inmates be transferred to the opposite correctional facilities so that male inmates may enjoy the cruel and unusual punishment enjoyed for so long by women.

Brenda Harton, Durham

Dems at fault

Regarding “NC House overrides budget veto in surprise vote with almost half of lawmakers absent” (Sept. 11) and related articles:

The vote taken by the N.C. legislature was taken on a Wednesday morning in the middle of a work week. The item voted on was on the calendar.

How in the world can this be a surprise vote?

The real story is not about Republican shenanigans. The real story is that 56 of 120 paid representatives were not present.

Another story is how incompetent is the N.C. Democratic leadership to allow that many Democratic representatives not be present for a vote that seems to be extremely important to them?

Mark Badders, Apex

Amend constitution

As despicable as it was, the recent surprise vote in the N.C. House to override of the governor’s veto of the state budget was entirely legal and part of a pattern of undemocratic behavior that has been committed by both sides over the years.

It’s time for North Carolina to join most other states by amending its constitution to require a super-majority of the entire chamber to override vetoes, not just of those present.

This would immediately prevent similar undemocratic actions in the future and would lay the groundwork to restore a semblance of trust and confidence in our government.

Harrell Chotas, Durham

Opposed to gun ban

I’m a life-long Democrat. I don’t own a gun and I wish that military-style assault weapons weren’t in the marketplace. But that cat is out of the bag.

Citizens are legally allowed to own them, so I oppose a plan by presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke to ban them.

Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, guns don’t kill people. People do.

So, let’s stop arguing with each other about who can own what and instead work together to prevent crazy people from shooting the rest of us.

We don’t need governmental regulations to be good neighbors, to notice when someone we know has both the means and the mental instability to murder.

Regardless of our political persuasion, where we live, or our reasons for owning (or not owning) guns, each of us is responsible for keeping our eyes open for tragedies before they happen. If people kill people, then people can stop the killing.

Stewart Rogers, Durham

AR-15 comment

Regarding “Beto O’Rourke campaign reported Texas state lawmaker’s AR-15 tweet to FBI” (Sept. 13):

Texas state Rep. Briscoe Cain’s appalling comments regarding personal use of the AR-15 and his threatening statements to Beto O’Rourke are compelling evidence of his immaturity, lack of judgment, and narrow-minded bias toward a completely irrational interpretation of the Second Amendment.

He is an incapable public servant who should relinquish his position to someone who behaves responsibly and actually seeks to serve the best interests of all of our people.

Terry Krauss, Carrboro

Emu tradgedy

The whimsical story about Eno that delighted many readers over the summer came to a grim end as detailed in the front-page article “Elusive Eno the emu, free all summer, dies during capture,” (Sept. 12).

As president Ronald Reagan so wisely noted, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’“ Who knew this also applied to emus!

L.M. Green, Raleigh