Letters to the Editor

9/11 Letters: Rather than plant conservative think tanks on campus, let free market of ideas reign

Conservatives’ plan

Conservatives teach that free markets smooth out all of society’s ripples. But they make an exception for the marketplace of ideas because in that market conservatives are losing.

Why? They don’t believe in real things — global warming, scientific verification. They do believe in false things — windmills cause cancer, tax cuts for the rich stimulate the economy, and most of what Trump says.

When tested by unprejudiced observers, conservative ideas wilt under the slightest scrutiny.

Universities, as marketplaces of ideas, have discovered that conservative shibboleths do not help you in the real world and do not need to be taught.

The reaction of conservatives? Get the dreaded state to intervene in the marketplace of ideas by planting conservative think tanks in colleges. Under normal market mechanisms, these flamflam factories would never exist in an academic setting. They need the state and lots of dollars to manipulate the market so their zombie ideas march forward.

Let’s let the free market decide if universities can support conservative think tanks.

Donald Holmes, Chapel Hill

Don’t rebuild again

Go ahead, call me heartless — if having common sense means I’m heartless.

My hard-earned tax dollars will once again go toward rebuilding infrastructure at the coast that should simply be handed back to Mother Nature.

Everyone’s insurance rates will go up again. Why? So the rich can have their beachfront homes. Maybe if the “blessed” had as much common sense as they do money, they’d stop the rebuilding.

More hurricanes will come.

Wayne Muller, Angier

Wake school closings

It’s silly that Wake County public schools were closed Friday after Hurricane Dorian.

The weather was clear, beautiful and sunny. Durham and Orange counties had a 2-hour delayed start, which was more appropriate. Power outages were minimal and flooding was essentially nonexistent in Wake County.

Regardless if you believe in climate change, extremes in weather are happening. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, snowstorms and heat waves are a reality now.

It’s been suggested WCPSS be divided into zones for weather closings. Critics will argue it’s a logistical nightmare. If WCPSS can elegantly figure out multi-track, year-round schools and calendars, developing zones would be easy.

Dave Major, Cary

Electoral College

George Will supports the Electoral College in his Sept. 9 Opinion piece.

If it had elevated wise and admirable people to the presidency in recent years, when the popular vote did not, there would be no attempt to change it.

However, in 2000, with help from the Supreme Court, George W. Bush was elected. He promptly reduced taxes and reinstated a federal budget deficit that had been eliminated. He also stopped an FBI investigation of Saudi nationals in flight schools. On Sept. 11, 2001 these people hijacked airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Bush responded with a poorly executed war in Afghanistan, followed by an unjustified war in Iran.

In 2016, Donald Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. He has increased the deficit, started trade wars, abrogated international agreements, and is generally unfit for the job. Hillary Clinton would be competent, even if unpopular.

No wonder many voters want to replace the Electoral College!

Fran Dennis, Cary

Say ‘no’ to rape kit

Regarding “Do-it-yourself rape evidence kit will hurt effort to prosecute rapists, AG warns, ” (Sept. 5)

Though perhaps well-intentioned, the DIY rape kit is an irresponsible and risky approach to an already devastating situation.

To believe that an untrained individual could successfully conduct this type of test on themselves or another person (possibly underage) is fantasy.

From simply a fact-based standpoint, to assume that the test results would be viable, executed without compromise — accidental or otherwise — is unrealistic.

And the idea that those results would carry any weight in a courtroom is laughable.

One needn’t look far for evidence of past, well-intentioned medical procedures resulting in lasting trauma.

The foolishness of this “solution” is eclipsed only by its naivete, and I sincerely hope that this product’s overall effectiveness is reconsidered.

Molly Cassidy, Raleigh

Paper ballots, please

Please ask your government representatives, state and federal, to propose a paper-and-pen-only vote in the 2020 elections to avoid controversy, real or imagined, regarding Russians, hanging chads, or other election ogres.

Just leave the machines in storage this time, see how it goes. This will insure no voter fraud or electronic glitches in the process.

Dan Coleman, Dunn