Letters to the Editor

8/27 Letters: Elections board ignored feedback from voters and cybersecurity experts

Paper ballots needed

The League of Women Voters of Wake County is deeply disappointed with the State Board of Elections’ decision to certify voting machines that do not rely on hand-marked paper ballots.

We are particularly troubled by the decision to allow voting systems that record votes in the form of barcodes.

Three of the five Board members chose to ignore feedback from voters, as well as recommendations from cybersecurity experts. A voting machine that records a voter’s selections in the form of barcodes is inherently unreadable by humans and cannot be properly audited.

The board of elections in each county may now choose voting machines from among the systems that are certified. We hope that those county boards will place a greater priority on security.

Only hand-marked paper ballots, followed by risk-limiting audits, meet all recommended criteria for secure elections.

Dianna Wynn, Raleigh

President, League of Women Voters of Wake County

Chronic malcontents

Regarding “Chatham’s Confederate statue in Pittsboro to come down,” (Aug. 21):

It is noteworthy that the Chatham County commissioners demonstrated the same spinelessness as UNC-Chapel Hill.

Interesting that relatively small groups of chronic malcontents have such sway over elected officials.

Harry Richardson, Pittsboro

Memorials must go

It is long past time for descendants of Confederate soldiers to stop whining about memorials for their great-great granddaddies, who they never knew and who fought for a despicable cause.

The great majority of these statues were erected decades after the end of the War Between the States, probably to continue the racist and misguided belief in white supremacy.

I’m all for putting all of the statues in a museum where historically accurate information will accompany the displays.

Sherry Emanuel, Raleigh

Make it the G-10

I have been to Moscow as a USA Academy of Sciences Visiting Professor. I also went to China as NOAA delegate for the International Conference on “Large Marine Ecosystems of the World Oceans.

I am appalled that G-7 met in France without China and Russia.

If President Trump hosts the G-7 summit in 2020 in the USA, he might as well make it the G-10 and include not just China and Russia, but also India.

We live in a world today where we witness rapid shifts in global geopolitics and threats of environmental disasters — warming, ocean acidification, hurricanes, sea level rise, etc.

We need to operate under a UN umbrella, rather than rich nations running the show.

Robert Y. George, Wake Forest

NC surplus folly

Regarding “Bill would give 5 million taxpayers a tax refund,” (Aug. 23):

Doesn’t it seem like folly to return tax money to taxpayers in the midst of hurricane season and when victims of Hurricanes Mathew and Florence have yet to be compensated?

Wouldn’t it be better for the N.C. legislature to use some of that surplus to pay for modern voting machines that have the capacity for paper records so there is no question about the outcome of the 2020 elections?

Jane W. Wolff, Morehead City

Save for a rainy day

Like most people, I would certainly welcome a nice check in the mail.

However, we all know the state will run low on money again at some point and complain about no money being available to fund much needed services.

Why not put the extra money in a rainy day fund for future needs?

We all could use the money no doubt, but maybe saving the surplus is better in the long run.

Bill Davenport, Cary

Plan for my surplus

It has been demonstrated that preventing abortions causes the opposite of what is intended: both illegal abortions and unwanted births increase.

Also, an expanded numbers of unwanted children leads to increased incidents of abuse/neglect and greater numbers in foster care.

So now our generous legislature wants to reimburse taxpayers from our budget surplus, rather than use it for education, road repairs, and other badly needed services.

Well, when it arrives, I know where my refund is going — straight to Planned Parenthood.

Barbara Goldstein, Durham

Greenland’s reply

Regarding the projected U.S. trillion-dollar deficit...

In response to our president’s offer to buy Greenland, perhaps the prime minister of Denmark should have said: “We have noticed your country’s ballooning national debt. We plan to wait a few more years and then make an offer to buy the U.S.”

Tom Clemmer, Raleigh