Letters to the Editor

8/09 Letters: I want to see Bishop and McCready both call for an assault weapons ban

Insanity in the 9th

In “9th District candidates differ on mass shootings” (Aug. 7), Republican 9th District candidate Dan Bishop is quoted as saying “...it’s not the guns that caused it.”

That is utter insanity. It is the availability of assault-style weapons that completed the job of causation. If those weapons were not available to anyone who wants them, the crazies could not engage in mass shootings.

Both Bishop and Democrat Dan McCready should be calling for a ban on the sale of assault weapons.

Dr. Lane N. Tracy, Cary

Just more hate

Regarding “Trump is to blame. Say it and say it loud” (Aug. 7 Opinion):

I found it interesting that J. Barlow Herget‘s answer to what he describes as Trump’s hateful, dangerous and un-American message is to pile on with his own hateful message.

His diatribe was hateful even by N&O standards. Until someone starts to act like a civil human being, the divide in this country will never get better.

Does Herget think his rhetoric is going to convert one conservation to the liberal side? Quite the opposite.

When I read or hear such biased coverage it only makes me think that it’s all about keeping people divided and promoting hate to sell more newspapers or get more ratings.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the divide in this country, but I think the news media gets the lion’s share.

Mike Cobb, Wake Forest

Just give it a try

Could we at least try gun control and collect data? If that doesn’t work, we can always return to wanton slaughter.

As an incentive we can name the bill “The Ronald Reagan all-American Citizen Protection Program” and ensure Republican support.

David Michaels, Raleigh

Inaction appalling

I am a retired Marine Corps officer. In years past I was a competitive shooter. I’m a lifelong hunter and was once an NRA member.

I own at least a dozen pistols, rifles and shotguns. But I am appalled at the inaction of our legislators in controlling gun violence in our country.

Yes, of course we need background checks, but not just on gun buyers, on all gun owners.

And of course we need red flag laws to confiscate guns of those with records of spousal abuse or serious mental illness.

But none of those actions will stop this carnage as long as anyone without a felony record can buy a semi-automatic rifle with a 250-round magazine.

We need to ban all semi-automatic weapons, including my Glock pistol and my father’s duck gun, and all weapons and magazines that hold more than six rounds.

As they say, “Guns don’t kill people,” but high capacity semi-automatic guns easily obtained by crazy people do.

Robert Brown, Cary

Act on drug prices

Americans pay among the highest drug prices in the world and many are having to choose between buying the medications they need and other essentials.

Meanwhile, brand-name drug prices continue to increase at rates that far exceed general inflation. These relentless price increases could force many to pay drug prices that exceed their entire income for a year.

That’s why the Senate needs to pass the Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act when it returns from August recess.

It’s time.

AARP North Carolina was disappointed that Sen. Richard Burr voted against lowering drug costs in the Senate Finance Committee. We strongly encourage him to reconsider his “no” vote as the bill moves to the Senate floor, and we urge Sen. Thom Tillis to support this bipartisan legislation.

Michael Olender, Raleigh

State Director, AARPNC

Expand Medicaid

People with no health insurance use the emergency department as their base for health care.

An ER visit costs more than 10 times what a clinical office visit costs. Hospitals are absorbing those costs, and they compensate for those non-paying patients with charges to patients covered by commercial insurance.

Reducing the number of uninsured patients would decrease this economic burden for hospitals and result in less upward pressure on health insurance premiums which the majority of people or their employers pay.

This phenomenon has been evident in multiple states which have already expanded Medicaid.

Those who pay for health insurance should welcome steps that would decrease the uninsured patients who go to the ER for their health care.

Dr. Robert H. Bilbro, Raleigh

‘The American Way’

When I was a little boy I was so proud of all the things Superman did for Truth, Justice, and The American Way that I did not even notice that he was an undocumented immigrant.

Now that I know that he came here to take jobs away from good, hard-working Americans, I understand why it is time to Send Him Back!

Bill Spencer, Raleigh