Letters to the Editor

8/6 letters: Call Congress back in session; make them take a position on gun control

Call Congress back

Thoughts and prayers are not working! We need to hold our elected representatives responsible for the mass murderers on our streets.

We need “someone” to call a special session of Congress and have all our senators and representatives take a position on gun control.

Assault weapons are a no-brainer. Background checks are a no-brainer. We need to know who is for and who is against the mass carnage that continues to plague our country.

Nancy Pelosi must propose a bill and House members must publicly declare their position on it. Chuck Schumer must propose a bill in the Senate, and if Mitch McConnell will not bring it the floor we need to hold him responsible for his actions.

Ted Dunn, Pittsboro

Target on our backs

As a teacher in a school with many Hispanic children, this event terrifies me. I fear for their safety and that of their families.

I’ve seen their faces filled with panic, fearing somebody evil can attack them just because they look different. I’ve seen some of these loving children crying because they fear they or their parents can be detained and sent to a country they’ve never known.

Now, they are afraid that a white supremacist may kill them. How can I comfort them?

As Latinx, President Trump has placed a target on our backs due to his inflammatory and racist remarks. Our senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, are more concerned about hurting the president’s ego than protecting our families.

We Latinx want compassion and respect. We deserve better.

Alirio Estevez, Chapel Hill

Problem isn’t guns

I have empathy for the victims of the weekends violence. However, the guns were not the problem.

Things don’t kill, people kill. Guns are not the problem, it’s a hate thing, and mental health thing. Unfortunately both sides, to a certain degree, antagonize the base to anger.

Think before you have a knee-jerk reaction to events. Your mind, not emotions, can change the world.

Jeff Spangler, Greensboro

NRA choke hold

Suppose that 26 U.S. soldiers were killed in an overseas combat zone. There would no doubt be a swift and demonstrative response from Congress and the White House.

Conversely, 26 people are murdered on our city streets and we get the same feckless response from too many of our “political leaders,” who are quick to offer prayers, but remain silent on how to eliminate gun deaths.

The sad reality is that they are more beholden to the NRA and to a small percentage of their constituents who are radical gun rights advocates, than they are to actually addressing the undeniable fact that we need to limit access to guns of all forms in this country.

Gary Hathaway, Durham

Kudos to Cooper

Kudos to Gov. Roy Cooper for issuing an executive order prohibiting state money to pay for conversion therapy of LGBTQ children.

What’s going on with a General Assembly that is even slightly hesitant to name this “therapy” what it actually is — horribly damaging child abuse.

The quicker we vote out such spineless legislators, the better.

Rev. Douglas Long, Raleigh

End Afghan war

It’s time to pull the plug on the Afghanistan war. Nineteen years is long enough — actually, 19 years is way, way too long.

We have a Department of Homeland Security to protect us. Let’s use that. Rely on that.

Oh sure, our Navy ships have to patrol the oceans everywhere, including the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean, but we don’t need American troops stationed in Kabul forever.

Declare victory. Load up the troops and head home. Afghanistan is no superpower. In the end, Afghanistan will be what it will be. This war is nuts.

Robert Peele, Rocky Mount

Buses too costly

Spend $4.2 million to buy and operate five $800,000 electric buses? Are Wake County leaders completely insane?

That’s enough money to give away 309,119 vouchers for free Uber or Lyft rides (which average $12.94 per ride.)

That’s certainly enough to serve all the riders of GoRaleigh buses for years.

This kind of thinking is what drives taxpayers crazy.

Ben Levitan, Raleigh

Park is a gem

My daughter is long grown, but I left Saturday’s opening of Moore Square Park wishing she was young again. Watching tiny kids stomp gleefully through the water spouts shooting up from the ground was pure joy.

I commend the planners, designers and construction crews for that stroke of brilliance and for the whole park. It’s inviting and spacious and evidence of a wonderful maturing of Raleigh into the Southern hospitality to which it aspires.

Sarah Stein, Raleigh