Letters to the Editor

7/21 Letters: I want Trump on the ballot. I want racism on the ballot. I want sexism on the ballot.

Impeach? Not yet.

Barring an attempt to launch nuclear missiles, at this point I don’t want Donald Trump impeached until after the Republican National Convention.

I want the Republican Party to fully own the racism by willingly and knowingly renominating him. I want them to own the border camps and Charlottesville and the murder of Heather Heyer.

I want Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr to own their confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

I want my congressman, Rep. George Holding, to own his relentless silence in the face of the incessant stoking of the fires of hate by his party’s messiah.

I want Trump on the ballot. I want racism on the ballot. I want sexism on the ballot.

America needs to have this conversation, this conversation about white male supremacy, which it has swept under the rug with dog whistles and code words and pretensions of “color blindness” and “protecting women” for far too long.

Leo Sadovy, Wake Forest

Stop labeling me

A major problem in this country is the inability to speak up without being labeled a racist or whatever label liberals and the media attach to conservatives and Republicans.

If I support controlled national borders I’m a racist, despite the fact that most civilized nations do the same.

When Democrats adjust voting boundaries to favor their candidates, it is justice. When Republicans do it, it is gerrymandering.

Trump was viciously attacked even before he took office. Democrats have attacked him over a never-ending Russia probe with no legitimate evidence. They labeled him a racist for for an incident in Charlottesville that had equal blame on both sides and for attempting to protect our borders.

He has been defending himself since day one.

James Bullock, Wake Forest

Tillis betrayed NC

Instead of standing up for all North Carolinians, Sen. Thom Tillis stood with and celebrated a racist, xenophobic serial sexual assaulter.

He betrayed every immigrant and black and brown person in this state. He betrayed anyone with a non-white friend or family member, like me. He betrayed anyone who has welcomed a refugee or stood with a new citizen.

He is a disgrace and a stain on our state. We must vote him out in 2020.

Robin Kirk, Durham

Faculty co-chair, Duke Human Rights Center

Coverage unfair

Regarding “ ‘Send her back,’ crowd chants at Rep. Omar during Trump campaign rally in NC” (July 17):

I’m confused because it seems to me N&O journalists are writing opinion pieces — pointing out the perceived racism of a president, but not pointing out the racism and anti-Semitic bigotry on the other side.

That’s typical of the left — using identity politics and hate. And when someone on the other side points this out and says if you don’t like America leave, it is somehow racist.

I’ve served my country and I love it for all of its good things and even its blemishes. Keep America Great 2020!

Paul Terrell III, Fuquay-Varina

‘Get out’ - and vote

On Feb. 1, 1960 four young black men sat at a counter in Greensboro. They were members of a group of American citizens who had been told many times, “If you don’t like it, go back to where you came from.”

And now, seven Congressional representatives from North Carolina — Reps. George Holding, Richard Hudson, Patrick McHenry, Mark Meadows, David Rouzer, Mark Walker and Virginia Foxx — have, by their votes against condemning the words of our president, joined him in the rebirth of this abhorrent message.

The seven N.C. representatives who voted to bring about this rebirth of racism in our great country should be ashamed.

The citizens of North Carolina, whom they clearly do not represent, need to get out — not of the country, but out to vote.

Margaret Thacker, Chapel Hill

Who’s the socialist?

So Trump declares the Democratic Party as socialists. That’s funny — how do he and his cronies define dolling out $12 billion of taxpayers’ money to his farmer supporters due to his destructive trade policies?

No more handouts if you don’t believe in socialism! This socialist is paying for your ineptness.

Thu Ostrander, Raleigh

No moral center

It seems we are losing our moral center. Since WW II we have been “the conscience of the world” (certainly with some blemishes).

No longer! We have now become a nation of anger, hate, divisiveness, lying, no respect for facts, alienating our allies, and pulling out of carefully crafted world agreements.

This is before we even get to our putting sanctions and tariffs on every country that does not kowtow” to us and driving the poor in those countries even further into poverty, hunger and despair.

I’m close to the end of my journey, but I worry about the America my grandchildren and their children will live in. America is no longer, to quote President Reagan’s wonderful words, ”the shining city on the hill.”

Doug Jurney, Raleigh