Letters to the Editor

7/16 Letters: The most important question candidates need to answer isn’t being asked.

Balance the budget

Ross Perot was a third-party candidate who gained 19% of the popular vote for president in 1992, effectively giving the office to Bill Clinton over Bush. Perot ran on a pledge to stop deficit spending. I voted for Perot. A close Republican friend accused me of denying Bush a second term and electing Clinton President. So I did!

Our out of control spending in both parties and unnecessary and unjust tax cuts have led to our current debt to the tune of $23 trillion dollars. Unbelievable! The moneyed elite, large corporations and other special interests give campaign funds to ensure that their candidates are reelected year after year, and the politicians do their bidding. The three Presidents since Clinton have not used their vetoes to stop this nonsense, playing the blame game on the opposition while passing pork barrel spending bills.

Our government is robbing our children and grandchildren of their future in order to retain present political power. Stupid! The only question every candidate should be forced to answer in 2020 should be this: “Will you promise to balance the budget of the United States and formulate a planned amortization of our debt?”

H. Theron Few


Open borders?

Can someone please explain why it is okay to basically have open borders? And why is it okay that we not know who is in our country? If the far left wants open borders, please change the laws. Shouldn’t people who break the law be held accountable? Now it appears the left does not want criminals deported. This policy seems to be working great in all the sanctuary cities. How about all the folks standing in line to get in? Apparently a big waste of time. Surely accommodations can be made for those who have been here for a while and not committed crimes and pay taxes. Add to this the far left policies of the homeless now pitching tents on main public streets, free needles for addicts. This all seems to working great in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. By all means, let’s bring it to every city. Insanity. To heck with the taxpayer.

Tom Austin


Already paying

For almost 10 years, I have been paying taxes that fund health care in states that have expanded Medicaid. I would like to have those funds pay for health care services here in North Carolina. The leadership in the state House and Senate continue to block the expansion. Why?

Connie Mullinix

Chapel Hill

Couldn’t happen here

All four of my grandparents were immigrants. Fearing for their lives, they left their homes in Eastern Europe and came to America seeking refuge from persecution and hardship at home. Other family members couldn’t or wouldn’t leave, refusing to believe the rumors of the deportations and concentration camps. “It can’t happen here,” they assured each other. They perished.

I find it appalling that today, in this nation built on immigrant labor, so many of those who have come here seeking a safe haven now cower in fear of forced deportation to failed states where violence, hunger, and perhaps death await them. Others who fled life-threatening conditions in their native countries now languish in overcrowded detention camps where frightened children are separated from frantic parents. Made to sleep on cement floors and drink from toilets, they are being held captive without being guilty of any crime. It doesn’t have to be this way. Please urge Sens. Burr and Tillis to reinstate the available and less costly ICE alternative immigrant case management programs used by previous administrations. Separating families and imprisoning them in squalid detention centers is not the answer.

Vicki Ryder


The way you do it

President Trump is addressing domestic and foreign issues, but his ‘in your face’ approach has brought negative criticism from voters and even members of his Cabinet. Immigration, the Middle East, tariffs, cozying up to dictators and potty-mouth comments aimed at potential Democratic candidates add to the confusion. It all reminds me of a big band era tune by Trummy Young and Sy Oliver, recorded by Jimmie Lunceford, Harry James and Ella Fitzgerald. It offers constructive criticism of the president’s way of handling these crucial issues. Mr. President, ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way you do it!’

Herb Stark


Flowing freely

A steamy late August afternoon at Carter-Finley and 55,000 sun-drenched fans in attendance to watch NC State and ECU play a grudge football match. The beer taps are flowing freely. What could possibly go wrong?

William Gray