Letters to the Editor

7/11 Letters: Cooper is blind to what Medicaid expansion will cost NC taxpayers in the future

Say ‘no’ to Cooper

Gov. Roy Cooper has failed to see what the federal government will do with Medicaid expansion.

Sure up front they will pay 90 percent, but once the states start doing it they will drop the ball and then the states will end up paying all of it.

If you think anyone in federal government cares about any individual you better wake up because they do not. Cooper should be able to see through that.

Hopefully our state legislature has enough sense to see this and will not give in to this “all for free” man.

All it amounts to is that we, the taxpayers, will foot the bill for everyone.

Jerry D. Narron, Raleigh

Don’t impeach

House Democrats should forget about trying to impeach Donald Trump.

Why? Because a conviction in the Senate requires a two-thirds vote and the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, none of whom would vote to convict. Case closed.

A far better approach, and the only rational one, is to continue to propose and pass legislation that will benefit the American people.

Republicans will block much of it, of course, and may block all of it. But when the 2020 election takes place in 16 months Democrats must hope they’ll be rewarded with a resounding victory.

I, for one, am confident they will.

Peter Andrews, Louisburg

Harris on busing

Poor Sen. Kamala Harris. She attacked Joe Biden during the Democratic debates over his opposition to federally mandated busing in the 1970s.

Long before that there was mandated busing going on in Raleigh. My sister, in early elementary school at the time, lived two blocks from a neighborhood school, and guess what? She was bused from West Raleigh to downtown Raleigh to elementary school.

So the senator was not the only one. So the senator was not alone. She was probably better off, so quit complaining about what Biden said.

Debbie Harmon, Raleigh

A step backward

Regarding “Cooper signs bills addressing drug dealers, financial skills,” (July 8):

In 2013 North Carolina passed the Good Samaritan Law allowing individuals who experience or witness an overdose to seek help without fear of criminal consequences for calling 911.

The purpose was to prevent overdose fatalities and significant strides were made based on evidence-based, harm reduction policies, and a statewide action plan to curb the opioid epidemic.

Despite progress forward, North Carolina took several steps backward this week as a “death by distribution” bill was passed into law.

Overwhelmingly, research shows death by distribution laws decrease Good Samaritan efforts.

The new N.C. law significantly impedes the chances of someone calling 911 for help getting an overdose reversed and it erodes the trust built across diverse stakeholders working together to address the opioid epidemic in our state.

Lisa de Saxe Zerden, MSW, PhD, Chapel Hill

NC sea level rise

Regarding “Study: Rising sea levels could cost Seattle $23B by 2040,” (July 4):

It should be of great concern to N.C. representatives that the same study has estimated North Carolina is projected to also incur some of the highest costs due to sea level rise — $34.8 billion.

For N.C. taxpayerswho may wish to avert having such a hefty price tag to pay, this should be a wake-up call that perhaps our state needs to lead the way in avoiding such a fiscal requirement in the first place.

I encourage all North Carolinians to urge legislators to support the Energy Innovations and Carbon Dividends Act as a market-based, job-creating national policy that will accelerate the transition of our economy from reliance on greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels to non-emitting alternatives.

The time to act is now. Every year we wait only increases the costs to our great state.

Jen Almond, Cary

Show some humility

I am delighted to see the women’s soccer team claim another win. We rejoice in the victory.

However, the cacophony generated by the super-enthusiastic rah, rah, rahs, the unwelcome meretricious behavior of the champs, and their arrogant, narcissistic aura call for some moderation.

I suggest an infusion of a modicum of humility and temperance.

America is a noble and altruistic country. Let us demonstrate it to the world by word and by action.

Dr. Assad Meymandi, Raleigh

Fix manhole covers

After driving down Guess Road for over 40 years, I have a burning question: Why is it so difficult to put the manhole cover at the same height as the asphalt?

There are several manhole covers in this county that will absolutely rattle your teeth.

I am a retired civil and mechanical engineer, but I am willing to come out of retirement to help solve this problem.

It should be simple to properly install the manhole covers, or am I missing something?

Warren Peters, Durham