Letters to the Editor

7/8 Letters: Why haven’t Democratic leaders recognized a crisis before this point?

Border denial

Over the past year the Democratic leadership in Congress has been in complete denial of a border crisis. Virtually every member of the Democratic leadership and all the Democratic candidates for president have denied the crisis. Until recently, each and every one of these politicians voted against funding required to provide additional housing, beds and supplies to the border patrol, not once but multiple times.

Now suddenly there is a crisis, and it is all the Republicans’ fault. They criticize border patrol for not providing proper care when it was Democratic opposition that denied them the financial resources to do so. Even more disgusting is they are now smearing the border patrol for the crisis that they created. Playing politics with the lives of these immigrants is, to quote Hillary Clinton, “deplorable.”

Scott Dillon


Fix this now

Traumatized, unwashed and underfed children are removed from their families and sleeping on concrete floors. Frightened women are forcibly separated from their children, mocked by guards and told to drink from toilets. This is happening on our senators’ watch by the leader of your party, who would rather spend taxpayer money on a politicized parade to boost his TV ratings and fragile ego than provide humanitarian aid to desperate refugees and asylum seekers. We treat animals better than this. How long are Sens. Tillis and Burr going to allow these Trump internment camps to continue? This situation is an international disgrace. Our senators need to fix this now.

Lynn Andrews



True patriotism is the willingness to sacrifice your own comfort to uphold the ideals that your country stands for. It is the activist putting their body on the line so all might enjoy the right to liberty and happiness. It is the teacher staying one more year, despite unlivable wages, to give children a chance for a better life. It is the police officer who blows the whistle on a colleague’s racist behavior, even though he might be the only one to feel repercussions. It is the mothers doing everything they can to stop the separation of a stranger’s family, even if it means her own children get dinner late.

Patriotism has nothing to do with sneering “our country is better than yours.” It has everything to do with fiercely loving and working toward the ideals of our founding fathers, the ones they knew they had not achieved. It has everything to do with a fierce love for all of her citizens who work to better themselves and their communities, not at each other’s expense, but in order to lift the people around them.

Lyric Kinard


An A student?

Of the many reasons some Americans oppose Donald Trump, the most glaring was on full display when he delivered his speech at the Fourth of July celebration. Not only was he staid and unimpressive as a speaker, he demonstrated an amazing lack of knowledge of American history. At one point he talked about airports during the American Revolution. ”Our Army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over airports.” He then added that Fort McHenry, under the rocket’s red glare, was nothing but victory. And when dawn came, their star-spangled banner waved defiant.

Airports and planes in 1776? (How about 1903 in NC?) And the Battle of Fort McHenry was in the War of 1812. It would seem to me that the president should be an A student, not a bumbling wannabe who would get an F. I have one suggestion for future voters: in order to make America Great Again, start with electing someone who actually knows something about the country.

Jim Nolan

Morehead City

Heartfelt thank you

To say we were shocked when two kind gentlemen paid for our lunches at the Cary Olive Garden last week would be an understatement! My friend and I, both teachers busy jabbering about our recently completed school years, were apparently overheard by the two in a neighboring booth. We finished our meals after they had left, but were surprised to learn our bill had already been paid! Written on the back of our receipt was their message thanking us for “teaching our future leaders.... you are truly amazing.” As teachers, we rarely seek or expect any expressions of appreciation for our work, instead gaining satisfaction in the little successes our students show. To be thanked by strangers was totally unexpected but overwhelmingly appreciated. We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you and make a continued promise to help shape young minds every day we can.

Mari Lindsay

Chapel Hill