Letters to the Editor

5/6 Letters: The sheriff should be following the law.

ICE and sheriffs

In a recent letter “Don’t work with ICE” (May 2), the writer disagrees with the well written, common sense article by J. Peder Zane, “Sheriff’s opposed to ICE detention put politics ahead of safety.” Zane deserves kudos.The “anti-immigrant bill,” HB370, has nothing to do with legal immigrants. President Trump has no “deportation force” for legal immigrants and any “harm to public safety, spreading fear, diverting resources, and making people less likely to report crimes or trust law enforcement” does not affect legal immigrants. As a “Regional Immigrant Right’s Strategist”

Laws are passed to be enforced equally to all, and never to be applied with discrimination – especially to those who clearly have broken them. Any elected Sheriff who does not follow their sworn oath of office demands investigation. What is the real strategy you are pursuing, Ellis? Is it for undocumented immigrants? I am a third generation legal immigrant. My Grandparents followed the laws proudly and did not divert resources. My sons will proudly do the same.

John Gallant


Thoughtful opposition

To oppose a specific Israel government policy does not make one anti-Semitic, any more than being against a specific United States policy makes one a traitor.

Dan Figgins Foreign Service Officer (retired)


Mueller Celebration?

One of the most basic elements of law is that “not guilty” means not proven guilty. It does NOT mean innocent. In its 400 pages, the Mueller Report details many actions and much testimony that should cause every American grave concern. Not a word nor a passage of it should invite celebration.

Tim McDonough


Hypocritical much?

I have yet to hear a single congressional Republican criticize Attorney General William Barr for refusing to testify at a House Judiciary Committee hearing because he would be questioned by committee lawyers. Only several months ago, in Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, a female attorney was hired to question Christine Ford Blasey due to Republican members’ cowardice. And in days of yesteryear, the Senate Watergate Committee used two committee lawyers, Fred Thompson and Sam Dash, to question witnesses extensively. Plenty of precedent. Barr has amply demonstrated contempt of Congress.

Jim Witeck


Changing Hillsborough

I am worried about the Collins Ridge housing development changing Hillsborough in a bad way. It’s taking away many of Hillsborough’s shops. Also, it will increase traffic on the main road, Old 86, which will make it more crowded than it already is. Additionally, if this plan goes through it will turn Hillsborough into a place where people live. But they’ll work, shop and have fun in other towns. Therefore, I think we should reduce phase one of Collins Ridge to 150 townhomes, 150 single family homes and 250 apartments. If this revised plan is enacted, it will reduce the traffic and the overflow of jobless people, as well as overcrowded public schools. Finally, it will save some space in the lot where people can build businesses and schools to help with the current growing population of Hillsborough.

Marcel Walker


Working Families Act

Colin Campbell’s recent column on six bills that should be considered by the General Assembly was one bill short. He left out the most important bill that the legislature should pass this year: The Working Families Act (HB655). This bipartisan bill would create an affordable option for working people in the health insurance coverage gap to buy health insurance.

These are the folks who don’t qualify for any state or federal health insurance programs and make too little to get help on the health insurance marketplace. They are our neighbors, our farmers, fishermen, small business owners and the people who cut our hair and serve our food. These folks aren’t asking for a hand out — just a hand up to have the same security about their financial and physical health that the rest of us enjoy.

The Working Families Act, which could do so much good, could be implemented with no new expenditure of state dollars and, over the long-run could save lives and save all of us money. The General Assembly needs to pass HB655.

Peg O’Connell


Stop glorifying

Some years ago our country’s media all made the decision to never display the faces of those individuals who have been arrested and charged with committing a “hate crime,” an anti-Semitic crime and/or senseless shootings. But over the years this “policy” has eroded. The faces to published should be the victims and the heroes. I urge all media to immediately stop glorifying those who commit these crimes and cease showing their faces.

Bob Goldwasser