Letters to the Editor

I served many presidents. I didn’t agree with all of them

Love overcomes hate

I’ve lived under 15 presidents, but I did not hate any of them. I served in the Army under Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Many things happened under many presidents that I did not agree with, but I did not hate them, because they were my president.

I say all that to say this: seemingly some in the Democratic Party hate President Trump. Is it because he is working hard night and day for the American people, including Democrats? More jobs than we have people to fill them? He wants to keep everyone safe.

I went back in service when North Korea invaded South Korea. President Trump is working hard to make it possible for the two Korean nations to have peace on the Korean peninsula. Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel. President Trump is doing things that other presidents sat on. It’s fine to disagree, but to have hatred and spread it to other individuals, regardless what party you are from, I believe is wrong. I personally believe, if those who hate, keep this up something terrible will happen. Spread love instead of hate.

W. Bryan Turner


Our callous stinginess

In “Officials may ask parents to choose detention or split up” (Oct. 13) we read that some senior White House officials want to return to the practice of separating families, while others are concerned with “optics.” Here is an optic: Instead of the Statue of Liberty holding up a lighted torch of welcome, we substitute a large “KEEP OUT” sign strung with razor wire.

Since its inception, the U.S. has welcomed people fleeing from strife or seeking to improve their lot. To close our borders now to vulnerable arrivals is tantamount to a betrayal of everything fundamentally American.

Lebanon, a country of 4 million people, is now caring for 1.5 million refugees from Syria. If we, a country of some 328 million people, were to welcome a comparable number it would mean absorbing 125 million refugees. Instead, President Trump slashed the number of refugees we’ll accept this year to an all time low of 30,000. He’s wants to wall out Central Americans fleeing drug wars, grinding poverty and death squads. White House chief of staff John Kelly has reportedly said that were up to him the number of refugees that should enter the U.S. each year “would be between zero and one.”

How did we fall so far from our ideals? Given the country’s unmatched, vast resources what is it that so crimps the hearts of our leaders that they act with such callous stinginess? Shock and disbelief are surpassed only by anger and profound sadness.

Joe Moran


Protesters are heroes

Regarding the news story “Silent Sam should not return to UNC campus, faculty council says”: The more you read about American slavery the more I consider the people who tore down the statue as heroes who were willing to stand up against this symbol of racism, bigotry and ignorance!

Bob Vasile

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Dumb as dirt

Regarding “UNC leader apologizes for university’s connections to slavery and racial injustice”: That woman and her board are as dumb as dirt. Aplogize for something today that occurred over 150 years ago or more, and call the history of the U.S. white supremacy. Only the U.S. could have people with Ph.D.s be so dumb.

Dennis Fink

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Vote for family man

I am supporting Judge Andrew Heath for the N.C. Court of Appeals. It seems like the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court has had a lot of attention. This is a good thing, but we should give just as much attention to our statewide judicial races right here in North Carolina.

Judge Heath will be on everyone’s ballot and deserves our support. He is a family man who will make sure the law is followed. When he served as state budget director, he made sure that taxes stayed low and helped secure a pay raise for our teachers. Judge Heath follows the law and respects the Constitution. He is exactly the kind of judge we need. Pay attention to the North Carolina judicial races and vote for Judge Heath for Court of Appeals this fall!

Ashley Legoas

Chapel Hill