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Constitution lets your Pride flag fly

Pride and the flag

As the wife of a retired Army officer, I’m writing today to remind Mr. Juan J. Alva (“Inappropriate Pride Display,” Oct. 4) that all who have served, or now serve, in the U.S. military, regardless of sexual or gender identity, have taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. They did not take an oath to defend the Flag of the United States of America.

It is the Constitution that gives him, and every American, including those at the LGBTQ festival, the right to express their opinions. Mr. Alva, some veterans before him, some active duty personnel currently defending the U.S., and some American citizens may find the flag he describes as inappropriate. There are, however, veterans, active military personnel, and American citizens for whom that flag is neither inappropriate nor disrespectful.

See the US Supreme Court decision in Texas vs Johnson , 491 U.S. 397 (1989) concerning the flag as symbolic speech that is protected by the First Amendment.

Now, if you want to discuss inappropriate, how about those wearing bathing suits at the beach depicting the flag?!

Linda A. Naylor


Vote Hill for District Court Judge

The person writing this (yours truly) is very young. Now that may seem like you shouldn’t read this if you’re an adult because you might be thinking, “Why should I read this? It was written by a kid! I’ve got better things to do,” but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this.

Let’s get to the point. Jim Hill has been a judge since 2002. And right now he is 67. And some of you may be thinking he’s really old and shouldn’t run for office, but that’s wrong. He is especially qualified to be a judge. He has a lot of experience in the courtroom. If he doesn’t get re-elected then that could be very bad for Durham. He plays an important part in the community, and we have to let him keep playing that part.

He CAN’T get replaced. It would just be wrong. Jim Hill is a very kind man, works hard, respects the law, and almost does everything right. (Hey, nobody’s perfect.) But the really important thing is, he keeps trying. You know the phrase, “If you try and don’t succeed, try, try, again?” Well, it’s kind of like the phrase was made to tell others to do what he would do: try. He is a great example of a great person. And you should really vote for him. He really is awesome at his job.

Re-Elect Jim Hill for District Court judge! (And also see a kids’ view of why you should vote for Jim Hill on Youtube.) Thanks for reading!

Drew Hobgood


Editor’s note: The writer is the oldest grandson of Judge Hill anf a student at Voyager Academy in Durham.

Advice and consent

In the Oct. 2 paper you, unfortunately, contributed the the Fake News disease. In the article re: the new trade agreements the Washington Post writers stated, “congressional approval is uncertain, particularly if the Democrats retake control of the House..” Perhaps your editorial staff should fact check the data before you reprint just out of hand. Any high school freshman knows the Senate does advice and consent on treaties.

Fenton McGonnell


Trump’s message

The president remarked recently that it's an extremely terrifying time for young men in America when they may be blamed of something that they may not be liable of.

Young men are at risk, however, for a dissimilar reason. It is an unsafe time for young men when America has a man like Trump in office with a feeling of intense dislike so strong toward women, that his message to young men comes down to, it's OK to disparage women. Trump wants to take America back to the future.

Those who care about the ongoing disrespect and inequality of women should come out in droves to take action. VOTE for progression!

Bernie Stewart


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