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07/17 What You’re Saying: James Reed Clark, Teresa Engebretsen, and US Rep. David Price

Take it up with Congress

It was interesting to read in the Herald-Sun this morning (July 12) that the leaders of the surrounding communities are calling for the removal of ICE, a law enforcement agency of the U.S. government. While this plays well to the crowd who watch CNN programs , no effort is made to predict the consequences of abolishing ICE.

Who will do the following ICE responsibilities once they are gone? Such as arresting and deporting transnational gangs like MS13, drug smugglers, human smugglers, exploiters of children and females, arms dealers, terrorists and other criminals.

ICE does not patrol the border or separate families at the border. ICE enforces the law established by Congress If you have a problem with the law take it up with Congress, not ICE. Don’t shoot the messenger. Those community leaders who are calling for the end of ICE are exploiting an emotional crisis to further their own political ambitions.

James Reed Clark


Outsourced nominee

On July 10, Congressman David Price issued the following statement after President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

President Trump selected Brett Kavanaugh from a pre-approved list of ideologues prepared by right-wing advocacy groups. In outsourcing this decision, President Trump has advanced a hard-right judge who passed the litmus test of corporate special interests and the legal protection of the President himself. A successful confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh would threaten women’s rights, voting rights, unions, affordable health care, consumer protections, efforts to reduce gun violence, and minority communities for decades to come.

Additionally, President Trump ensured Judge Kavanaugh believes a sitting a President should be immune from criminal investigations and prosecution, an opinion that presents a tremendous conflict of interest if and when the conclusion of the Special Counsel investigation reaches the halls of the Supreme Court.

I firmly believe that my colleagues in the Senate should follow the McConnell Rule: there should be no hearings on a Supreme Court nominee until after the American people’s voice is heard in November. With only seventeen weeks before a national election where one-third of the U.S. Senate is on the ballot, we should not rush the confirmation process for a partisan judge who will determine decades of jurisprudence in the highest court.

U.S. Rep. David Price

D-Fourth District

Sign me up, Mike

I like to think that nothing shocks me anymore, but reading about Rickey Padgett in Thursday morning’s paper left me speechless and disgusted (”NC candidate compares Democrats to Nazis and roaches, Maxine Waters to ‘Aunt Esther.’”)

His beloved Trump has taught him that it is OK to name-call carelessly, and he seems to take great pride in not being “a politically correct candidate.” I consider Padgett and those who think as he does ignorant and extremely dangerous.

Seriously? Hitler, the Nazis, the SS, Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther? Cockroaches? Does he read real history? Non-fiction?

Thank goodness Padgett is a former Durham County deputy sheriff and that I am no longer paying his salary. I would like for Mike Woodard to know that I am officially volunteering to help with his campaign. I hope that the voters of Durham are too smart to elect Padgett, but after the last presidential election I am no longer sure of anything.

Teresa Engebretsen


Trump’s goons

The Trump administration’s plan for the final solution to the immigration problem is to adopt the Nazi system.

First they use the ruse of taking the children to the showers for a bath so as not to upset the parents. Not to deviate from the usual bumbling by Trump’s minions, they forgot to keep records of where each child was, or where the parent was.

Trump’s goons should have followed the Nazis’ system of keeping tabs on every child, tattoo each child with a number, and the parent with the same number. If Trump’s goons want to act like Nazis, then go all the way.

Ben Cooper



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