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06/28 What You’re Saying: Robert Healy, Barbara Snyder and Gail McKinnis

Hog farms and property rights

The right to go to court to protect one’s property from nuisances goes back to the origins of the common law in medieval England. A nuisance is anything that interferes with the “quiet enjoyment” of one’s property, including noise, floods, lights, fire and smells that a neighbor might produce.

The “Hog Bill” passed by the legislature and just vetoed by the governor would limit when nearby property owners can sue corporate hog farms. It is a direct assault on private property rights and should be of concern to anyone who owns real property in North Carolina. Which of your property rights might the North Carolina legislature take away next?

Robert Healy


Beyond criminal

I won’t even pretend that I understand all the crazy stuff going on along our nation’s southern border, but I do understand that it is possible to keep track of children and their parents in order to reunite them ASAP.

When a baby is born in a hospital, both the child and the mother are given bracelets which are checked every time the child is taken to or from the mother. Why on earth hasn’t something like that been happening at the border when the “powers that be” see fit to separate children from their parents. I believe that the government agencies have computers on which all location information of all parties could be stored and be easily accessible.

There is absolutely no excuse for the current situation where no one appears to know which kids are where. For it to continue for another minute is beyond criminal!

Barbara Snyder


Separate for a reason

Regarding “Legislators want larger role in selecting judges” (June 22).

We have three separate branches of government – Executive, Legislative, Judicial – for a reason. It’s called “Checks and Balances.”

It is not appropriate for those who make the laws (legislatorss) to choose those who will rule on the constitutionality of those laws (judges).

Current legislators should stop trying to destroy the independence of our judicial system.

Gail McKinnis

Chapel Hill

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