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06/27 What You’re Saying: Chris Webb, and Charlie Lunsford

An abhorrent policy

The zero tolerance policy that has resulted in the separation of families at the United States border is abysmal, abhorrent, and ugly.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, having served as an Infantryman in Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Division. I am a recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, which I gained when I nearly lost my life while fighting there in 2006. I remain committed to my brethren and currently work as a researcher of mental health and healing among American combat veterans. However, I do not feel very proud of my country right now.

The images of frightened children are appalling, as are attempts to frame this suffering as the fault of immigrating parents and/or legislators who are not willing to concede to certain policy demands. This policy is not making anyone safer and has the appearance of a hideous political bargaining tool, paired with a "make an example" approach to legal discipline, in which the "example" includes innocent children.

My community, including many veterans, is in a state of horror and disbelief and we feel desperate and constrained by our inability to do anything to fight this. I hope that we can resolve this atrocity.

Chris Webb


A serious porblem

Our country has a serious problem with illegal aliens, or as the left likes to call them, “undocumented immigrants.”

Democrats don’t want to build a wall, or cut out chain migration or the lottery system. They want to protect illegals once they get here without knowing who they really are.

Democrats want them to have a drivers license; Democrats say it makes illegals safer drivers, but I believe it makes them even more likely to drink and drive.

They want motor voter laws to make it easier for illegals to register to vote.

Democrats don’t want any voter ID laws, however.

So the Democratic Party wants to make it as easy as they possibly can for these people to flood over the border whether they are good workers, terrorists, MS-13, murderers, or drug smugglers.

Someone who broke the law to come here and is breaking the law by staying would also break the law to vote for the same socialist-type (Democrat) government they left?

You had better believe that is what the Demovratic Party is depending on! And they don't care how much damage they do to our country in the process.

Charlie Lunsford


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