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06/22 What You’re Saying: Vicki Ryder and Kathy Repass

Our nuclear arsenal

Donald Trump went to Singapore to convince Kim Jong-un to abandon North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs. He argued that by pouring trillions of dollars into weapons development, Kim was placing his nation at risk and jeopardizing the economic well-being of his citizens.

Was there ever a better example of “do as I say and not as I do”? Under Trump’s tax plan, U.S. taxpayers will spend more than ever before (and more than the next eight highest-spending countries combined) on modernizing and enlarging our nuclear arsenal and stockpiling other weapons of war such as F-35 fighter jets and predator drones.

While siphoning off our taxes to Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon, our government claims that it cannot afford to provide us with health care or affordable housing ... cannot adequately fund our public schools, libraries and parks ... cannot maintain our crumbling infrastructure or a sustainable environment....

Ironically, the same U.S. citizens who don’t dare drink the water from their kitchen faucets or pay for their prescription medications will pay more than $700 billion next year on weapons of war.

So, while he wheels and deals in Singapore, how do we convince Mr. Trump to practice at home what he preaches abroad?

Vicki Ryder


Crimes against humanity

America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists! That’s a phrase our country repeats time and again.

And it’s why I’m perplexed as children, within United States borders, are being taken from their parents and placed into concentration camps. It’s why I’m stunned as our concentration camp workers are instructed not to console distraught children. And, it’s why I’m mortified that our country has descended from a human rights leader into a nation allowing these horrific crimes against humanity.

What’s even more disturbing is that Congress isn’t taking the swiftest actions possible to stop these horrendous acts.

Instead of telling the Trump administration that they won’t work with them, on any topic, until these human rights abuses are eliminated, Congress is negotiating on terrorist demands for a border wall.

There is no other way to put it. Holding children hostage is an act of domestic terror. Every moment that Congress allows this to continue, they’re negotiating with terrorists.

Does the decline in America’s reputation not concern them? Does the destruction of our long-standing place as the world’s humanitarian leader not horrify them? Do the pictures of children suffering not bring them to tears? I’m wondering if the GOP has lost its heart and it’s soul.

If Congress won’t refuse to work with the Executive Branch until these cease and desist on these inhumane practices, then maybe we should change our stance to “America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, unless their last name is Trump.”

Kathy Repass


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