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06/16 What You’re Saying: Brenda Buie Burnette, and Jonathan Breitzer

Four amazing fathers

I am fortunate to have sweet memories and awesome stories of four amazing fathers from whom I have decended.

John Woodard McCright, my great grandfather on mama’s side, was a preacher/barber/community leader in Rock Hill, S.C. It seems that he was and then he was not ... a mystery.

His son John Robert McCright, my grandfather, was a farmer, church deacon/trustee/bookkeeper and small business owner. We called him Papa.

Williams Creighton Buie was my daddy’s father: A war hero, a bugler of the 371st Infantry in World War I. His decendants are graduates of Duke, Yale, NCCU and Banneker Institue of Durham.

David Whitefield Buie Sr. was a “Ledgendary Electrican,” small business owner, church deacon/trustee/choir member and the most amazing storyteller. The tears well up in memory of my father, my daddy.

Brenda Buie Burnette


Not to be dismissed

Regarding the guest column “Rabbis call Durham City Council statement citing Israel a ‘punch in the gut’” (June 7)

Criticism of Israeli policy, even if it’s unfair, doesn’t consitute anti-Semitism; Israeli newspapers are free to criticise the government, and they certainly do so. However, the final say in what constitues discrimination against a minority group lies with the group in question; the Jewish community is no exception.

The resolution passed by the Durham City Council was pushed by a group that lays the very real problems of police brutality at the feet of not only Israel but at the very Jewish organizations (ADL) that have been fighting discrimination. Rabbis and leaders ranging from Chabad to Reform have managed to come together to warn the community that this looks like conspiratorial anti-Semitism. Their concerns are not to be dismissed lightly by anybody who claims to be against discrimination.

Jonathan Breitzer

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