Letters to the Editor

06/14 What You’re Saying: Olive M. Perry, John Blatz, and Charles A. Wilson

Rare accomplishment

Although at the bottom of the page and very abbreviated, I was pleased to see the article about the 13th Triple Crown winner on the front page of the Sunday Sports Section.

After little to no mention of horse racing or the Triple Crown, it is appreciated that you printed anything; however, the accompanying photo should have been of Justify and Mike Smith crossing the finish line, or at least of the horse himself! Instead, we got a hat viewed from the back of someone’s head. Really?

Thank you for acknowledging this outstanding and extremely rare accomplishment. Congratulations to Justify, Mike Smith, Bob Baffert and all connections. A momentous win (only the 13th beginning with Sir Barton in 1919) and a beautiful race!

Olive M. Perry

Chapel Hill

Berko appreciated

As a continuing subscriber to your paper, I want to express my appreciation for The Herald-Sun continuing to feature the columns of Malcom Berko on investment matters.

I always find Mr. Berko’s columns of interest, and generally learn some useful information, as well as enjoying his sarcastic wit and iconoclasm.

In addition, his columns often perform a significant public service, such as the one recently published on the actuals value of Krugerrands offered as investments. Lots of your readers are trying to invest for retirement or manage what they have invested for income, and it’s useful to have Mr. Berko’s consistent, independent advice on investment decisions.

John Blatz


Capitalistic sabotage

There is a prevailing trend that we all fall victim to, yet no one seems to be motivated to do anything about it. It may be the number one reason we find ourselves working harder and having less time and resources.

The original furnace in my parents’ house performed well for 40 years with just minor maintenance. The old furnace had service ports for regular lubrication and adjustments. Where as the newer ones have regular breakdowns, and need to be replaced or have major repairs far too often.

This is the practice of every major industry across the board, from washing machines to automobiles. Especially automobiles! It seems everything you buy, regardless of the price is disposable. When you go in for repairs you have a major decision to make. It keeps the money flowing to the top and the rest of us, try as we may, just keep spinning our wheels and slipping further behind. And the poor are just out of luck. Progress is the deceptive excuse often given, but it has nothing to do with progress! It is Capitalistic sabotage!

Charles A Wilson


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