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What You’re Saying: A.C. Sykes, Rene Delavarre, and Joan Walsh

Blessing in disguise

News that funding for the Durham/Orange Light Rail effort may not happen could be a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes things happen that keep you from making a big mistake. I, among many other citizens think that we can and should develop an area transit system that provides service to the whole area, not a locked-in place system that does not really serve current, or future needs.

Rail requires acquisition of land, displacing people’s homes and businesses and multiplies traffic dangers at street and road crossings. Buses using new electrically driven technology are already in service in many cities all over the world. They use the current road systems, serve to take cars off the road because people can access them at so many more convenient locations and can can expand areas of service utilizing current infrastructure. I believe that companies looking to move here would see a wider more flexible area of service as a better solution.

A.C. Sykes


On May 31, the European Court of Human Rights handed down its judgments in two cases involving European countries that had hosted CIA “black sites” in their territory. In the two cases – Al Nashiri v. Romania and Abu Zubaydah v. Lithuania – the Court found that both countries, through their cooperation with the CIA extraordinary renditions of these men, had committed multiple violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. In its findings, the Court also delivered blistering criticism of U.S. Military Commissions as well as the CIA’s interrogation practices, black sites, and high-value detainee program.


Legal bodies in other parts of the world have come to terms with the horrors perpetrated by the U.S. during the Bush years. Many torture survivors – and a few did not survive – were innocent men with confusing names or at “wrong places” at “wrong times.” In contrast, the U.S. has not offered apology or recompense, nor conducted investigations into its war crimes, nor pursued accountability. Instead, our Senate confirmed Gina Haspel, a woman deeply involved in the CIA's torture program. All the pieces are in place for such crimes to resume, not least Trump's permissive, even enthusiastic attitude toward torture. Aero Contractors is hovering in Johnston County, ready to resume torture flights. What makes so many complacent about this? Do we assume our loves ones, or ourselves, could never be targeted? Or that those whose names differ from ours are somehow less endowed with inalienable rights?

Joan Walsh


A double standard

Regarding “Rabbis call Durham City Council statement citing Israel a 'punch in the gut’” (June 7)

Excellent, spot on, and so refreshing to hear the truth instead of the same old wornout cliches and political mumbo jumbo which filters in from the left. I am still baffled at how Israel, such a small, yet potent country continues to stir up such bias and scourge amongst the left wing. Clearly, the international community of nations has shown us that Israel is held to a double standard like no other country in the world today. That, in my opinion, is proof enough of anti-Semitism.

It is now time to go on the offensive in debunking the lies and propaganda from the left, which only serves to strengthen Islamic terror groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, all of whom surround the borders with Israel.

Rene Delavarre

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