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06/06 What You’re Saying: Pat Carstensen, Evelyn Dove-Coleman, Rebecca Ovall, and Deborah Fulghieri

Visit a real school

Those folks who think that just limiting entry to schools will avert school violence should visit a real school instead of an NRA website.

Durham School of the Arts, Jordan High School and Parkwood Elementary have four separate buildings. A lot of schools have trailers. All the elementary kids are outside for half an hour a day at recess.

Exactly how are students supposed to be protected when they are streaming between buildings for classes, playing soccer on the fields or just swinging on the playground?

Pat Carstensen


Staying on mission

in response to the guest column by Maryam Asenuga, “Where is the media when black and brown students get shot?”

The Parkland kids are completely on board – Emma Gonzalez made a speech about this very subject.

What is different about Parkland is that the kids got mad after the horrific, meaningless murders there and jumped into the public eye and stayed there, on a mission together. I think they might have strength in numbers. They are definitely trying to change gun regulations.

Deborah Fulghieri

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Silent Sam and the #MeToo Movement

The grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, wives, daughters, nieces and cousins who have attended UNC-Chapel Hill will be honored when Sen. Phil Berger and Sen. Tim Moore move swiftly this week to pass the introduced legislation and recommend that Chancellor Folt have the Silent Sam tatue moved to the Ackland Art Museum, now.

It is called "Silent Sam" due to the lore surrounding the years-long disparagement of women of UNC, that is that Sam was Silent because he could only shoot his weapon if a virgin walked by. The #MeToo movement says now is the time.

Evelyn Dove-Coleman, UNC '75

Kinston, N.C.

The writer was the first black student body secretary at UNC-Chapel Hill

Remaining solvent

In response to the guest column by Jane S. Gabin, “How higher education in the U.S. will be destroyed”:

You seem to suggest that private institutions are not limited by budgets, and that assumption is faulty and ignorant.

Many private colleges do not have large endowments and are almost totally funded by tuition revenue. When enrollment is stagnant or declining, as it is in many places, cost=saving measures are not done out of greed, or to be mean, but to remain solvent. That's why you see an increase in the number of adjunct professors (they are not referred to as "teachers" at the college level).

Rebecca Ovall

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