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06/05 What You’re Saying: Reginald Hildebrand

The evils of nationalism

I am writing to express appreciation for those who have written, worked and witnessed on behalf of the human rights of the Palestinian people.

There is nothing more sublime than the ethics of Judaism, or its enduring commitment to social justice. Still, Israeli nationalism is no better or worse than any other brand of nationalism, including American nationalism. It is no less capable of sacrificing its values in order to secure and protect its interests. The prophets of the Old Testament have told us so.

Reginald Hildebrand


The best way to defend our children

Rep. Larry Pittman from Cabarrus County recommends arming teachers saying: “Otherwise, when they die, and children die whom they could have defended, their blood will be on our hands.”

That ship has sailed, and hands are already bloody. Manufacturers who are making money hand over fist selling guns, Supreme Court justices who have ruled that having guns is a “God-given individual right,” and all those state legislators who, caving to NRA propaganda and bullying, voted to limit municipalities’ ability to regulate dangerous weapons, must now answer to the families of the dead students, to the public in general and to God.

And if there is any grain of justice left in the land, they will answer for it. A fast growing number of Americans – sick and tired of out-of-control gun violence – are ready to back thoughtful candidates who are in favor of sane gun restrictions, especially on semi-automatic, combat-grade rifles and high-capacity magazines.

That's the best way to defend our children, and not by giving a few individual teachers a crash course in how to shoot a pistol.

Joe Moran



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