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05/30 What You’re Saying: Thomas Jepsen, Cathy Wright and Lynn Andrews

‘Just not believable’

While I greatly enjoyed Mr. Alan Culton’s somewhat fanciful account of the Obamas’ project to produce a documentary for Netflix on “a popular socialist president who uses the FBI and the CIA to spy on his domestic political opponents” (’What You’re Saying,’ May 27), I have a suggestion for an even more bizarre plotline for the Obamas to pursue.

It is the story of a crooked real estate developer from Queens who hijacks a political party, and, with the assistance of the Russians, is elected president of the United States.

But, as Mr. Culton astutely observes, “it’s just not believable. That kind of thing could never really happen here.”

Thomas Jepsen

Chapel Hill

Exploiting our students

The students and teachers at the Parkland shooting were fatally abandoned by the authorities. Rather than address our broken mental health system, the lack of proper school security, or failure of law enforcement and others to identify a clearly dangerous individual, the leftist gun grabbers and their supportive politicians are exploiting our students by using them as their ideological shields.

There is nothing more critical to our nation’s well-being than our children’s safety, and the School Shield program (NSS) is the NRA’s commitment to that effort. NSS was introduced in December 2012 as an initiative focused on improving school security in an effort to help prevent national tragedies at educational institutions in America.

Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, NSS is committed to addressing the many facets of school security, including best practices in infrastructure, technology, personnel, training and policy. A cornerstone of NSS is the Security Assessor Training, which seeks to facilitate a partnership between schools and local stakeholders by teaching them how to analyze a school’s physical security, communications systems and overall preparedness.

The NSS professional consultation is provided at no charge. Through grants from The NRA Foundation, funds can be made available for schools to complete projects and activities that improve school security. Please encourage your communities to learn more about real solutions at www.nationalschoolshield.org or by calling 844-467-7723.

Cathy Wright

Chapel Hill

Don’t stop digging, Burr

I appreciate Senator Richard Burr speaking truth to power about Russian interference in our election. It is critical that we follow the facts wherever they lead and not create an alternate reality just to soothe the president’s fragile ego.

I trust that between the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation and that of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the American people will learn the extent and methodology of Russia’s influence campaign. Only then will we be able to take steps to prevent this from ever happening again.

Well done, Senator Burr. Please don’t stop digging until you get to the bottom of this matter. Our democracy depends on it.

Lynn Andrews


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