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05/23 What You’re Saying: John Rice, Kathy Repass, and Bill Edwards

Ovbvious and needs doing

School safety continues to be a major and growing concern in our society. Children invading schools with the intention of killing other children is a new social development that has politicians and various activists demanding that legislators “do something.”

In simple terms, we now have criminals coming into schools with homicidal intent. Forget squabbling about what laws to eventually pass or which objects to “ban!” How can our community justify offering existing protection to the lawmakers and politicians in our courthouses and other government buildings – but not to the schools and our children?!

Technology to limit and control public entry into buildings and other venues is well developed and in widespread use, both in government and in the private sector. I can envision no more effective or immediate step to actually reduce risks to the children entrusted to our school system. This is “something” that seems obvious and needs “doing” – ASAP!

John R. Rice


More than one per week

It was the 20th week of 2018 when highschoolers went to classes in Santa Fe, Texas. By the time they returned home, the 22nd U.S. school shooting had been thoroughly accomplished this year.

Just to be clear, that’s more than one shooting per week.

Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. Truthfully, they never were satisfactory because neither your God, nor mine are in the position to change prayers into laws.

But, our legialature is. Yet, once again, they’ll do nothing. Nada. Zip.

So, as Congress sits idly by, I’m left pondering which high school will be hit next week? Murphy? Manteo? Cary? Apex? The potential target list is limitless.

But, anyone who’s taken a statistics course knows the chances are now great that there will be a mass shooting somewhere in the Good Ole U. S. of A.

I guess we’ll just wait and find out where this reality TV nightmare’ s next episode will be hosted. And then elected officials will once again offer prayers, followed by silence.

And, America will yet again be left pondering which school will be the next target.

After all, it’s become cyclical, with no end in sight.

Kathy Repass


Reward merit, not tenure

Regarding Terry McCann’s guest column, “Why this Durham teacher isn’t going to Raleigh,” (May 16):

I have always supported quality teachers who certainly deserve better. At the same time, however, I believe there are some teachers who are substandard and need to be terminated. It is the responsibility and duty of both state and local school administrations to see that this is done.

Merit, not tenure, should be rewarded. Inexperienced teachers that demonstrate excellence after a reasonable probation period should be fast-tracked on the salary scale. Experienced teachers demonstrating excellence should be paid accordingly. Educators, regardless of experience, who lack the skills and/or abilities of a high quality teacher need to be dismissed for cause.

Unless and until we get serious about fixing our education dilemma, we will remain mired in the political morass that has infected our great state. It is merely an collective attitude and lack of focus that is blocking our way forward.

Bill Edwards

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