Letters to the Editor

05/22 What You’re Saying: Janie Wagstaff, Matthew Smith

What about law enforcement?

The good news is that Durham is on the rise.

The bad news is that teachers cannot afford the home prices or the escalating rent. If one owns a home, the property taxes are also on the rise.

True, teachers are struggling but what about the first responders? Teachers have a set schedule each day; law enforcement officers on the street work mixed shifts – 12- hour shifts – some nights and some days, which makes it almost impossible for them to have a second job.

How can you push for "community policing" to improve relationships with the citizens, but the officers cannot afford to live in the community that they keep safe – including our schools.

Janie Wagstaff


Fitting the narrative

We hear all the time about white privilege, third wave Feminism, transgenderism, campus radicalism and other forms of appeal to tribalists identities. All of this is supposed to redress grievances, advance equality and move us forward as a society.

Sadly it does not do anything of the sort. If anything it fractures us apart irrevocably and erodes our liberties and freedoms that form the core of who we are as a nation as well as pitting group against group.

Take for instance the phrase” hate speech is not free speech.” As often as this phrase is repeated, we never seem to hear a clear definition of what constitutes “hate speech.” Absent any such definition, then it would seem that such a phrase is merely being used as a tool to silence any who might disagree with whatever they believe.

The belief that every one who does not agree with you is either bigoted, ignorant, racists or propagating hate is in and of itself un-American and undemocratic. In other western countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada we have already seen laws that restrict freedom of speech under the guise of “hate speech.” Without a doubt, unfortunately there is bigotry and hatred in this country, but I fear that we have gotten to the point where anyone whose beliefs or opinions doesn’t fit a certain narrative is accused of “hate speech” and that is cause for great concern. For there is one privilege we all share and that is being American.

Matthew Smith


Speak up

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