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05/17 What You’re Saying: Wayne Anglin, Amy Rosenthal, A'marn Akin, Sven Sonnenberg,

Take ’em down

How long has it been since the election?

When will the public servants and the public-servant wannabes collect their road signs?

Wayne Anglin


What was the council’s rush?

It’s clear that the Durham mayor and City Council members pride themselves on being righteous individuals and leaders. As such, they would address the issues of most concern to their community. They would be fair and impartial. They would take their time to consider both sides of an issue – or not.

Last month the council wasted hours upon hours discussing an issue that didn’t exist: police exchange training between Durham and Israel. There is no such relationship, nor were there plans to initiate one, but the council decided it would be a great use of their time to hear arguments anyway. In fact, they found it so urgent to address this non-problem that they waived the normal time requirement to present it at their meeting on April 5 and allowed it to be brought forth. Why the hurry? If they were truly concerned about international influence on local police, where is their research into current U.S. exchange programs with Argentina, Brazil, China, Columbia, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Haiti, to name a few?

Did they hurry because the six council members had already signed on, so why bother hearing an opposing view? Or, since the true purpose was to bash Israel, were they taking a play from the terrorist handbook to make sure the hate-filled petition was presented over the Jewish Passover holiday? The petitioners threatened that Israel would “militarize” our police. They couldn’t define what they meant by “militarize” but the word sure scared a lot of confused, gullible people.

In their hurry, the council swallowed wholesale the defamatory lies against Israel, while ignoring the praise of Israel’s programs as outlined by their own Police Chief, C.J. Davis. Evidently, they didn’t have time for that. Instead they rushed to believe false accusations hurled at Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, where religious freedom and diversity are embraced.

Is such discriminatory behavior good leadership? How long will Durham residents support a mayor and council who eagerly adopt false narratives filled with bigotry and hate, having nothing to do with Durham?

Amy Rosenthal

Chapel Hill

Renaming the Hoey Building

Last week’s guest column by Al-Tony Gilmore and Walter C. Farrell Jr., “Time to rename N.C. Central University building honoring segregationist governor” (May 11) the generated several comments including

A'marn Akin: It's long overdue. It's sad that NCCU leadership hasn't done this prior to now.

Sven Sonnenberg: Renaming, erasing the past, destroying monuments and historical sites, rewriting history is a fascist and communist practice. In Poland, the Germans renamed everything they saw fit into Adolf Hitler Square. The Soviets likewise; what they saw unfit to rename they ran over with tanks. These people just do not know what they are doing or are you consciously identifying yourself with these barbarians and the Taliban now, who destroyed the priceless ancient monuments because they did not fit into Islam?

Jack Wolf: Let me express a middle ground. I think that most people in power in North Carolina prior to 1970 were segregationsists, white supremacists, many slave holders, maybe with the exception and not entirely of our Quaker community. We cannot just blanketly toss these people away.

The important factor is what the thrust of their life was. If that was defending those wretched institutions by all means get rid of honoring them: Bedford Forrest, battle flag of the Confederacy, etc.. On the other hand, just because Washington and Jefferson owned slaves that doesn't mean they cant be honored. In the case of Julian Carr, I think the one comment he made is very disconcerting, however the town was named after the Carr mill where people worked and what identified the town.

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