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05/15 What You’re Saying: Jerry Clem, Bryant Walker, and Frank Shipp

Ridiculous comparison

Reagarding the news story “Ex-Duke star's mom blasts college basketball system, compares it to slavery and prison” (May 7):

I am responding to Kylia Carter's likening college basketball to slavery and prison.

I can't recall that I have ever in my life read anything even close to such a ridiculous statement!

Having worked in the federal prison system for 20 years I can assure Mrs. Carter that there is no basis for her to make such a statement.

She further mentioned that she thinks the athletes should be compensated. Well, if a scholarship and all the amenities that come with it are not compensation, then I don't know what is.

And, another thing, the players choose to play basketball. That is their choice. No one forces them to play.

Back in the days of Christian Laettner, Grant Hill and Bobby Hurley, and countless others, players stayed for four years, got their degrees and then, if they chose to, put their hats in the ring to play professionally.

Mrs. Carter needs to find another axe to grind, especially about something that she truly knows about.

She has insulted every college and university in the country and should apologize.

Jerry Clem


If the south is so awful ...

Regarding the news story “Tough words and a request to keep talking about Confederate flags in Orange County” (April 30):

Why are the Orange County commissioners having a meeting about something concerning the northern part of the county in Chapel Hill?

There is no place more racial than Chapel Hill/Carrboro, but that doesn't count. Just look what happens to "Silent Sam" on campus while a police officer looks on. The protesters do not have any respect for anything or anybody except "what they believe in."

How about statues of WWI, WWII, Martin Luther King and other statues? Many black people fought in the Confederate War; they are not the young protesters, but the young people are their decendents. Sure the Union won, but why are all the Union people coming South? If the South is so awful why is the North coming South?

It is a shame when a few people holler the loudest get all the attention and get their way. It is time for the commissions to stand up to these individuals (predominantly students) and represent the local voters (who they are supposed to be representing).

Why try to regulate a flag without regulating billboards regulating Bojangles, Hardees, etc. and cluttering the post office with political propaganda.

Bryant Walker


Editor’s note: The writer is referring to a May 15 meeting at the Southern Human Services Center in Chapel Hill where the Orange County Board of Commissioners will hear public comment on the proposed rules for flags and flagpoles.

A fitting tribute

In 2014 the estate of Sue and Edward Peed, longtime members of Rose of Sharon Baptist Church in Durham established a tuition scholarship endowment. Annually, The North Carolina Baptist Foundation determines the total funds available and distributes the awards as directed.

In 2018 the Rose of Sharon Scholarship Team is pleased to equally award Miss Jeanna Ruth Owens and John Paul Fulcher $6,960 to be used over four consecutive years. Miss Owens, daughter of Tina R. Terry and Mark Owens, graduates from Northern High School and plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill. John Paul Fulcher, son of Julie Fulcher and Leonard J. Fulcher, graduates from Northern High School and plans to attend UNC Wilmington.The character and Christian values of each of these young persons is a fitting tribute to the memory of Sue and Edward Peed.

Frank Shipp

Sue and Edward Peed Scholarship

Rose of Sharon Baptist Church

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