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05/02 What You’re Saying: Nerys Levy, Mark G. Rodin, Erin Crouse and Del Snow

Greene outstanding

I am excited to support Sally Greene for Orange County commissioner.

Sally Greene is the candidate best suited to serve the whole of Orange County as the BOCC’s at large representative. She is aware of the county’s diverse needs, from transport and communications connectivity in its underserved rural areas to the complex issues facing the county’s southern centers of population. She realizes the importance of library access for all Orange County citizens, is well versed in adult literacy, educational issues and the necessary conversations surrounding environmental protection and economic growth. She firmly believes in the inclusion of every citizen in the political process and values the huge contribution and future potential of the arts and artists to Orange County’s economy.

She will be an outstanding commissioner.

Nerys Levy

Orange County

City disappoints

I am extremely disappointed and saddened by Mayor Schewel and our City Council’s April 16 approval of its statement opposing military-style training for the city’s police force. Israel is unfairly singled out.

Unfortunately, the council’s statement omitted Chief Cerelyn Davis’s comment regarding her past training in Israel while with the Atlanta police: “My training experience in Israel had nothing to do with terrorism tactics, military tactics or the use of or exposure to military equipment. My specific visit was based on developing leadership academies, leadership principles and challenges experienced with building community and police relations with the growing homeless population in the U.S. comparable to the Sudanese populations in Israel.”

Council members were returning a political favor to Jewish Voice For Peace (JVP) and other community activist groups supporting their election campaigns. Jewish Voice For Peace is described by NGO Monitor as having an objective “to drive a wedge between the Jewish people.” Schewel and the council members accomplished JVP’s purpose. A group of pro-Israel supporters which included me actively opposed singling out the country in the anti-military-training statement. We expressed our opinions in letters to council and The Herald-Sun as well as during the public hearing.

The council also accomplished the objectives of groups with which JVP is allied: Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hezbollah and their Iranian supporters.

Mark G. Rodin


Stanford impeccable

Facts are vital to making an informed decision on whom to vote for. The Clerk of Superior Court race calls for a person with specific skills that include integrity, thoroughness, fastidiousness, and follow-through. The current Clerk of the Court, Jamie Stanford, has an impeccable record and has been lauded by attorneys, judges, and constituents for his encyclopedic knowledge, his honesty, his attention to all detail, and his fair treatment to EVERY person who enters the office. Mr. Stanford deserves to continue as Clerk and will continue to bring honor to the position.

Residents of Orange County deserve a meticulous Clerk with experience and compassion which is why we should re-elect James Stanford.

Del Snow

Chapel Hill

Greene gets conservation

I am writing in support of Sally Greene for Orange County commissioner. Sally will be an outstanding commissioner because she understands that conservation and community economic development aren’t mutually exclusive. Her support and leadership for protecting our natural and historical resources, developing our food systems, and increasing affordable housing and well-paying jobs improves quality of life for all residents. And Sally has proven that she backs up her commitment with the hard work needed to get tangible results. I am voting for Sally, and I hope that you will too.

Erin Crouse

Chapel Hill

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