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04/27 What You’re Saying: W.B. Turner, Christina Taylor, Rick Berman, Ellie Kinaird, Kathryn Scarborough, John E. Lane

Leavy Moore meets his favorite NBA player Kemba Walker.
Leavy Moore meets his favorite NBA player Kemba Walker. contributed photo

It’s laws or chaos

I’m a Christian conservative that believes it is more blessed to give than to receive. There is a lot I do not understand that’s happening today.

I was born in 1925 in Teachey, N.C. Even then, you were registered in the county you were born in. I’m not against us taking in immigrants, but I am against people breaking the law. If one is in this country illegally, they have already broken the law.

I’m sure most people that come here come for a better life than they had in their birthplace. When Christ came, Joseph and Mary went to be registered in Bethlehem. Common sense tells me that in any country in the world, one has to be known and accounted for. When I was drafted in the Army they knew all about who I was, my religious affiliation and birthplace. I don’t know about the mayors of Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro, but if you have people working there they should be accounted for.

We’re a country of laws or chaos. I see no reason not to welcome people in our cities and nation. My idea is they need to be registered with fingerprints, their home address and workplace, with limited time to re-register. When I used to travel overseas I had to have a documented passport with my picture on it. Best I can remember in 1930s, the U.S. had about 200 million people. Today we have about 350 million accounted for. To live in our country families with children must be schooled and have availability to health care. All this has to be paid for. We’re already a trillion dollars in debt!

It is easy to say I am a good Samaritan, but mayors, remember what the good Samaritan did. He gave his time, medical care, transportation, lodging and promise to pay more if needed. Does your city meet these qualifications?

W.B. Turner


Hoop dream

Every year we at Pruitt Health Carolina Point have a “Committed to Caring Challenge,” where we vote on which residents’ wish we will help come true. This year Pruitt Health-Carolina Point and the Spectrum Center worked together to help Leavy Moore’s dream of meeting his favorite NBA player, Kemba Walker, come true.

On March 8, 2018, the Charlotte Hornets played the Brooklyn Nets. Mr. Moore enjoyed a front-row seat as a part of The VIP Pregame Experience, which included watching players warm up at court side, a tour, waiting with excitement to meet Kemba during which he received Kemba’s autograph, talked with Kemba and had his picture taken with him. Mr. Moore would like to thank everyone involved that helped make his dream come true!

Christina Taylor

Pruitt Health Carolina Point

Where is the evidence?

Bianca Olivares’ absurd letter claims that farm workers who pick produce for Wendy’s are vulnerable to sexual assault – yet she provides precisely zero evidence to back up her claim. Despite her depiction of a crisis in the fields, a quick Google search shows that the company publishes a supplier code of conduct, where it can use third-party audits to ensure workers in its supply chain are treated properly.

Olivares calls for Wendy’s to join the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program, but there are good reasons not to. First off, Wendy’s doesn’t even employ the workers; if they want more pay, they can take it up with their employers. Further, a class-action lawsuit in Florida alleged that, over a period of several years, the workers who were supposed to benefit from this program didn’t get the money that was supposed to go to them. More generally, the Coalition operates like a mob protection racket, threatening to publicly boycott and attack businesses that don’t pay into its program. This is not unlike a shakedown tactic that feels more like the Mafia than an employment wage program.

In an age when it seems a few angry Tweets get a company to tuck tail, kudos to Wendy’s for having a spine.

Rick Berman

The writer is the executive director of the Center for Union Facts

Show some tolerance

I have read with some concern the articles the paper has published over the past weeks about gentrification.

1. What has the city done with 2 percent of my property taxes they have collected from me each year that is touted to build more affordable housing? This is very important; how about investigating that?

2 Would the people who are complaining about those who are buying houses to fix up rather that they become rat-infested crack houses or meth labs?

3. Do the people complaining about people of other races living in their neighborhoods understand that by definition that is de facto segregation? (I live in a neighborhood that is 50 percent Caucasian/50 percent Black or East Indian and we all get along great; that’s because we know one another, duh!)

Get a grip people, show some tolerance.

Kathryn Scarborough


Palestinian Catastrophe

The many letters to the editor and news articles about the current unrest in Palestine has neglected the main point of the protests and the history that led to them. In 1948, after Israel declared itself a nation, it violently forced 750,000 Palestinians from their land they had lived in for millennia. Israel then destroyed most of their homes and villages. Further, the first Israeli government passed laws that prevented the Palestinians from claiming or owning the land that was taken.

That tragic event is called the Nakba, or Catastrophe. This protest, for the most part peaceful, is to commemorate the Nakba or Catastrophe and to remind the world that Palestinians are still scattered outside Israel and most of their homes and villages possessed by Israel.

Over the years since, illegal settlements have taken most of the rest of the Palestinians’ land. What was once 20 percent Jewish and 80 percent Palestinian, is now reversed. It is important to inform Americans about the Nakba, but news media and the letter writers ignore that disastrous event in history.

Eleanor Kinnaird

Chapel Hill

Democrat ‘freedoms’

I am old enough to remember when elected officials and candidates of both major political parties were allowed the luxury of independent thought. Not too many years ago, both sides of the aisles were filled with people who actually wanted to do what was best for the country and who demonstrated that in their actions and their votes.

Not so today! Today, independent thought is not allowed by the Democrat Party! If you believe that marriage is decreed by God as a union between a man and a woman, there is no room for you in the Democrat Party; if you believe that all life is sacred, go elsewhere as the Democrats will not allow that!

It gets worse! If you believe the Bible to be the “word of God” and a blueprint for how to live our lives not only are you not welcome in the Democrat Party, they say you cannot be allowed to serve in government either!

There was a time when everybody agreed that the Bill of Rights was “the law of the land,” but today, Democrats only will allow freedom of speech if they agree with what you say; they will only agree with “freedom of the press” if they control the press and censor anything that they don’t want you to read. “Freedom of association”? Nope, Democrats require that you “associate” with a “union” controlled by thugs and goons if you want to hold a job to support your family.

When it comes to the Second Amendment, the Democrats go into maximum stupid mode, insisting that the people who had just fought a bloody war against tyranny would entrust control of their firearms to a government “militia.” No, the Framers of the Constitution meant “... the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”!

John E. Lane


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